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Dictionary App

I love finding new applications for my DROID X2 and my Nook Color which both run on Android. Right now I am searching for the best Siri like application. On Android the closest is the Jeannie by Pannous. It texts, gives directions, emails, and farts on demand. I also like educational apps. My favorite Dictionary App is I love that it gives you a word of the day in both English and Spanish and a question of the day. My words are pansophy and montar. Can you use those in a sentence?

I Guess I am a Redneck Mama

I am always looking for ideas on what to feed my picky children. If I had my way I would eat gourmet meals but grew tired of the chants of "ewww gross!". So I get a book on family meals and almost every one of the meals looks gross. I look online for healthy family meals and again everything looks disgusting. I guess I prefer redneck food.

So I am reading this book about healthy dinners for kids and the entire time feel sorry for the kids in these families. I also wonder if the moms really feed their kids McDonald's. Every recipe had organic veggies, ground turkey, turkey or vegetarian sausage. The vegetables were steamed plain. Everything was whole wheat this. Everything is just PLAIN and it looks like someone vomited on the plate. I am sorry but whole wheat noodles are gross. I CAN eat those things and even love tofu but my kids aren't going to eat it and I've tried and tried but they just don't make good family meals.

A good meal must savor ev…

Halloween Sneaked a Snuck on Me

I was checking out my Facebook, which I do so rarely (totally hipster thing to say right now), and I noticed all of these Halloween pictures. Driving down the street I noticed a lot of Halloween decorations. What is this? October 28th already? What the . . . I forgot to decorate for Halloween! I didn't even carve a pumpkin or anything which is funny because Halloween is my favorite night of the year! The shock was so great that I just HAD to post about it on Facebook! If I don't post things on my mind I will explode! I wrote: "Halloween kind of snuck  . .. " and there it was a red squiggly line under the word snuck. (there it is again as I type!) When did "snuck" become ungrammatical?

Before you grammar Nazis come after me, I studied grammar at advanced levels while I was in college. For some reason the simple past tense of "sneak" never came up. (<-----preposition at the end of a sentence for  Mr. Swift! <----fragment!) I always told storie…

4 Months Old Check Up

He had too much fun with the paper while we waited over an hour! He is 15 pounds and can roll around.

My Precious Hates Shopping

Eli hates shopping. The only way he will shop is if he is being carried. He likes to see everything and wants to know the source of noises. Since he had to lie down in the stroller he hates it and cries.On Saturday I carried Eli in his carrier face forward while shopping at Kohl's. I was wearing boots with a heel so after that trip I hurt my back. So he is back in his stroller and he is not happy about it.What I noticed is that when my 4 month old cries people try to help. Workers help you carry out your stuff and open doors for you. Old ladies line up to tell you how precious your baby is and give advice. I compare that to when my four year old would scream and throw a fit in the store. I get the death stare of "look at the bad mom" from the old ladies who run far away. People avoid my line and workers roll their eyes at me. No one comes to help. People just judge. Pro tip- A mother needs more help and support with the toddler ( or even a bratty teenager) than they do w…

Family Movie Night

We have decided to have a family movie night. Last night we watched Thor. We had popcorn and turned out the lights.Thor was the perfect movie to watch with the kids. I was surprised on how kid friendly it was. There was tons of action and cool effects. There was only one kiss and it was more comedic than romantic. The bifrost looked awesome and not cheesy. We didn't get bored but Aron fell asleep because it was after 9:30. We plan to do our movie night earlier next week.

This Tastes Nasty! Natural or Psychological?

I read an article somewhere about people genetically having certain food aversions. For some cilantro tastes like soap. Others hate the taste of broccoli or asparagus. I wonder how many other aversions are due to genetics.

     There are different kinds of food aversions. There are psychological ones that are the result of illness, emotions, or chemotherapy. I got food poisoning from Taco Bell once and for three years found even the picture of Taco Bell food revolting. As a child I convinced myself that eggs were chicken periods and refused to eat them. I still think eggs taste too sulfur-like so I wonder if there is a natural component there as well. If you were eating a meal and something traumatic happened you might psychologically avoid that food. 

     Sometimes it's not mental but simply an aversion to a certain texture. I know this why many people dislike fish or feel weird eating raw vegetables. I don't like deviled eggs for this reason. My son has a lot of textu…

Eli 3 Months

Twitter had Changed the Way I Watch TV

I first discovered twitter was fun when I was watching the republican debates. I love reading the instant commentary. Next I discovered it was fun to watch doctor who lol tweaking. The best was watching general conference with twitter. Sharing the spiritual experience of general conference with people all over the world was uplifting. I loved the remarks about how sweet President Monson look as he talked and the commentary on how beautiful the music was. My favorite quote was how 80% of his talks are the wonderful facial ecpressions. One lady and I discussed how difficult it was to keep our kids quiet. I plan to always use twitter with conference in the future. Nothing is more hilarious than using Twitter with Young and the Restless. The real time comments on how 1 character is evil and another is fakey is so funny. If you want to tweet Young and the Restless you use #yr. The Young and the Restless is not a show to watch too seriously. Sometimes the star of a show will tweet along wit…

Psi Chosis 2000

I was up late last night finishing off the laundry. I like to do laundry at night because it is cooler and quieter. I am also not interrupted. Little did I know in the quiet of the night a strange fume or invisible gas of some sort filled with an evil virus seeped in the cracks of my walls.

We had several missions to accomplish for the next day. Our van shuttle had to be detailed and Jon Jon had to go to his gymnastics training. We also needed a dehumidifier for the basement and shoes for Aron.

The next day I awoke to screaming. My five year old son Aron was screaming with no way to calm him down. He refused to eat. He kept talking about Spiderman Legos and other such nonsense. No matter what I tried the boy would not calm down. He acted as if in an angry drunken state.

Number One (otherwise known as husband) also exhibited strange behaviors. He had this delusional belief in making decisions alone as if he were single with no other crew members on board. He walked out of the house an…

Vitamin D Blues

My doctor called me yesterday and told me I have a vitamin D deficiency. I looked up the symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency. Help me to understand why I'm having a lot of the problems I am having. I was surprised to find that a vitamin D deficiency can cause depression. A main source of vitamin d is the sun. The lack of sun in the winter time may be the cause of the winter blues. Lately I have been feeling very tired and achey. I have also been a little depressed. I am lactose intolerant so I avoid a lot of milk products. Because I was sick a lot the last year I did not go outside. I also avoid the outdoors due to allergies. Because of my bladder I  avoid eggs which cause irritation. It is no wonder sent that I am so achey and depressed. Because you get vitamin D from the sun, from eggs, and from milk.I hope the new supplements will help me feel better.

My New Toy

I finally got my new Droid X2. I know it is already outdated especially with the launch of the Droid Bionic. I don't care. I love my phone! It has dual core processors, Froyo, and a 8 megapixel camera. It works on the 3G network. It isn't 4G but I am impressed with the 3G network.The Android Market is a lot of fun! It is weird but my favorite app is the Spy Cam. It allows you to see live cctv cameras from around the world. My favorite cameras to watch are the penguins in a Japanese zoo and a fish and chips shop in Scotland. The Boom Boom bar in Thailand was interesting, watching old white guys getting drunk is strange. I feel like my phone is my magic mirror, my Prester John Mirror that once was the object of Medieval quests. I can see and talk to the world on my little magic box.It is amazing that we as humans have these wonderful objects in our everyday lives that would be magical to people in the past.

Perfect Movies for an Eighties Party

My daughter asked me about having an eighties party. She was watching the show "Outrageous Kid's Parties" where they were having an Eighties party. The people on the show spent $30,000 on that party. My daughter even thinks that is stupid.

So she wants to throw a simple eighties themed get together. Luckily for her, her Mamma knows all about eighties cheese! I wouldn't mind having an eighties movie night myself. (man we are so . . .WHITE!)  A simple party would have to have a cheesy eighties movie with like, pizza and coke. Every party in the eighties had Coke and Pizza, at least where I was from! Here are my picks for the perfect eighties movie- remember I was only 13 at the end of the 80's so my movie choices may be for younger viewers- what are yours?

5. TEEN WITCH- complete with a rad rap battle and totally awesome music like "I wanna be the most popular girl!" I wanted to dress like Teen Witch  so bad! (after she got her popular girl powers)

4. MA…

How to Attract Negative Commenters to Your Blog

I have been blogging since 2006 and one of the most interesting things is when this creature called a Troll finds your blog. A Troll is a bored scary little thing that goes through blogs, message boards, and You Tube comments saying mean, evil words creating a fight. If you've never had a troll visit your blog, it is easy to attract one. All you have to do is set a bait. Here is the bait that works the best.

1. Keep a "Conservative" blog. Extra points for being a member of the Tea Party. Trolls hate those who are Conservative and this bait successfully attracts the nastiest of trolls. Bonus points for misspelled words or bad grammer. You will suddenly get a comment about how Bush lied people died etc.

2. Write an anti- Obama post. My page views increased dramatically when I wrote a post against Obama, all were people trolling and questioning your intellect. It might not work as much now. Suddenly people will write comments questioning Bush or Reagan and how racist th…

What I Learned from Our Virginian Disasters

We survived the earthquake and the hurricane, which was a tropical storm here. The wind was scary and my lights flickered but as is well. I look at these close call disasters as a blessing because they are like practice rounds for when a truly catastrophic disaster hits. I now have my 72 hour kits complete and know what to do and when I would need the kit. I understand why it is necessary to have cash and a full tank of gas. I also know that a hot item during disasters are "D" cell batteries so I need to stock up on them during a beautiful day. I also need a nice lamp and maybe some sleeping bags.

We know that the flooding is more of a concern than an actual hurricane and that, yes, an earthquake is possible in Virginia. I also know that after the earthquake my neighbors acted like real neighbors. We came out of our houses and checked on each other. We even talked to the cleaning ladies and the nannies to make sure they were ok. That was comforting for me to know and I lear…

Top 5 Things People in Genoa City Will Never Say

I got this from bogylove in the Young and the Restless boards on Here are mine-

Adam to Victor: No, I didn't GET that, YOU got that?

Victor to Adam: Maybe I am a little too hard on you.  Sorry about Skye!

Sharon to Victor: I wouldn't be in jail if it wasn't for you lying about not being on the volcano! Stop pretending to save me.

Sam: This place is nuts, I'm outta here! Thanks for the sex Sharon!

Victoria to Nick: Bro, you are such a man slut!

Honorable mention-
Entire cast to Victor or Kay: Shut up and retire already!

from another poster (not mine originally)
Abby: Aren't Kyle and I supposed to be the same age?
Victoria: I'm going to get my hair done today!

I am one those who is tired of Adam being the designated villain since his crimes aren't much worse than anyone else. Did Sharon forget all that Victor did to her and the way he punished her for dating Adam? Bad writing!


Aron's Birthday Party

Better not see my cake on that ugly cake blog! It is an ugly cake for a boy! It is not supposed to be cute! Next time I will do better since now I know what to do and making it was so much fun! Aron loved it and that is all that matters! He had a lot of fun and loved all of his presents. He fell right to sleep after the party was over!

Perfect Virginian Disaster TV Marathons

As you know, we are in the middle of a Virginia disaster marathon. Since we are stuck in the house as the dark rainy clouds surround us, the howling wind and bending trees keeping us huddled together, it is a perfect day for TV marathons. Since a dark mood is already set, it is a day for the weird and the scary shows. Here are my top recommendations that my family look forward to.

SUPERNATURAL- This is a perfect show if you don't have small children, or the kids are busy in another room. The story of the monster hunters, Sam and Dean, the dark scary weather is a perfect backdrop to the dark and mysterious stories of demons, fallen angels, and vampires. Verizon On Demand has Supernatural on TNT. I recorded the last season on my DVR. The last season has Sam and Dean against the mother of all evil- a demon like creature named Eve. Along with Sam and Dean are their father figure redneck hunter Bobby and the angel Castiel. Castiel is acting funny this season and the demon Crowley …

Virginia Disaster Updates

I have discovered that the wood in my guest bathroom looks damaged and a picture was crooked. I might need to get my floors checked out. Now all of my tiles look bad. My floors were terrible anyway the earthquake just didn't help things. Prince William country is in a mass panic even though we aren't in the direct path of Irene. There are no more flashlights or D cell batteries left anywhere. When I was getting gas, a guy in front of me was filling up extra containers full of gas. (for his generator maybe, I don't know?) I just wanted to but one flashlight since my kids always lose mine. I bought a lightsaber that lights up and plan to keep my phone and Nook charged to use as light temporarily. Our lights probably won't go out anyways.

Virginian Disasters

Virginia was bored so she decided to shake things up a bit...right before a hurricane. Now we need a volcano to appear like that one in that book about the bored Mexican farmer they read on Reading Rainbow when I was a kid and a tsunami and I will have lived through every kind of disaster.
So the earthquake is done. Now it is Hurricane Irene's turn. The web had fun with the earthquake. This one is from Neal Boortz "USGS says earthquake moved DC 3" closer to Moscow. Obama sneers at weak effort, vows to do better."  

This was my favorite picture-

Now Twitter is having fun with the hurricane. Right now in my area a hot topic is ghetto hurricane names. So far there aren't too many funny ones. I can't think of any. Maybe Curtis or Lavaneesha. I have nothing!

I am too far from the coast so I don't think I need to worry about evacuating. I am near the Occuquan river, but I am up high on a hill and our neighborhood did a great job with protecting us from floodin…

Twitter or Facebook and A Complaint

I love Facebook! I have used it since 2006. It was fun to find old high school and college friends. Facebook kept me connected to my phone shy brothers and connected me with cousins I haven't seen in years. I love to write to express myself and share information. Facebook was useful for that purpose but my constant status updates were annoying. I now use Facebook to keep up with family and Twitter as more of a creative, public tool. It is sort of a microblog for myself. I follow funny and orginal tweeters. I also like getting DC traffic and weather updates. My favorite tweeters are Neal Boortz, Nicholas Pegg, Steven Moffat, Michelle Malkin, Jim Beaver and Tammy Bruce. Capital Weather is also good. Twitter is the best to use when there is breaking news. I got more information about things like the political debates and the earthquake from Twitter than from any other news source. Of course Twitter linked to news sources but I got them quickly. (another great place is,…

My Virginia Earthquake Damage

Stupid video, but I know I appreciated it when people in earthquakes posted videos about their experiences. So here is mine. I was organizing my son's books in his bookcase. I felt a shaking but thought it was a plane. Then the shaking continued so I thought the kids might be blasting the stereo or a train was about to run into the house. . . . but we have no trains nearby and then I realized THIS IS AN EARTHQUAKE IN FREAKIN VIRGINIA!! What am I supposed to do? I have never been in an earthquake before. I at first went under a doorway but then thought, MY KIDS DUMMY GET THE KIDS! I ran down the stairs as they shook under my feet. Jon Jon was outside and Victoria was telling him to come back inside and go to the basement. I was grabbing Eli and yelled "that's a tornado, run outside!" All the kids ran outside and Eli and I were close behind. Then the shaking stopped. A neighbor came outside and yelled "What was that?" I yelled back (she was across the street)…

Eli's Talkin!!

Using Tablets, etc at Church

Ten years ago if someone mentioned a tablet at church they might of thought of. . .

But in 2011 we think of. . .

I bought a Nook Color a couple of months ago and I am addicted to it. It started as just a little toy but now I find that I USE it rather than PLAY with it. I haven't played Solitaire in a while. I mainly check my Twitter for the news, read daily messages from the church, check email, and catch up on my reading. It is such a handy device but I always felt weird bringing it to church. I brought it yesterday to church and used it without embarrassment and found that it was useful and helped me to focus more. (in between Eli's pooping and feeding of course.)

In sacrament meeting my children read a downloaded Friend magazine or catch up on scripture reading. I keep notes on the talks on the app Fliq notes. Searching the scriptures is easy on the downloaded scriptures I ordered from When I wanted to look up a topic I hit search and typed in the top…

So I open my cupboard . . .

Viki and Sport Aerobics

I remember when I first took Viki to gymnastics when she was 3. We were living in Hawaii and she took classes at Schofield Barracks. I believed my little cute girl was perfect for gymnastics. With every bounce on the trampoline and every walk on the balance beam I dreamed of gymnastics glory.

At the age of five, we put her in a very good gymnastics club in Hermitage, TN. One of her friends from kindergarten was already competing and doing well. Viki wanted to be like her friend so we put her in the girl's beginner class. The first two times were ok. The third time I noticed she wasn't smiling much. Suddenly, during warm ups, she began to cry. The coach took her out. I talked to her and tried to get her to go back inside to go to her class. With every refusal, my dream of seeing her as a gymnastics star faded away. It might have been my dream, but it wasn't for her. I accepted that and focused more on keeping her fit and active.

In Virginia, she saw pictures of rhythmic…


Is this a scene from Hoarders? Do I need Matt Paxton and Dr. Chabaud to give me a lecture?

Actually, no this photograph shows bags full of my children's school supplies. I finally finished my school shopping today. I finished it at Walmart where I found the best prices for wet wipes and Zip Loc bags. Did I buy the name brand? Heck, no! I bought the Great Value brand in everything. I think that is a trick schools use. They use a brand name for an object like Kleenex instead of tissues or Zip Loc instead of double zipper storage bags. I have also seen Crayola used as well. Some parents especially noobies think you have to get the exact name brand.

A father with his three kids were searching in a confused manner for the correct Zip Loc bags. "why do they make you get the name brand?" the father asked. I helped him by telling him that he didn't HAVE to get the name brand and that the generic was just as good.

Six things of wet wipes! Aron needed six!! Good thing the…

My Shows

Warehouse 13
Being Human


Drop Dead Diva

ABC Family-
Switched at Birth

Doctor Who
Jekyll (on Netflix instant)
Sherlock (Netflix instant)
Being Human

Do Nothing Day

What was the weather like today? I have no idea because I didn't go outside. We just chilled inside. I watched the BBC show Sherlock written by my favorite TV writer Steven Moffat who is over Doctor Who right now. We didn't want to go anywhere today!

I am happy that Jon Jon and Aron have finally become friends. They not only play Xbox together but they also play Super Hero Squad! I have waited for years for them to finally play together. Aron was always the baby though and just wanted to be around his Mommy or Daddy. Now that he is no longer the baby of the family he has bonded more with his brother. Jon Jon is no longer a middle child. Things have evened out for him. I enjoy having four children. I think that for me it is the perfect amount of children. I was always told that four children are easier than three and now I understand better why. The older kids are more independent and helpful. They play and entertain the younger ones and the younger ones look up to their older s…

Summer- Day in the Life Pictures

7 Weeks- All Smiles

Hand Made from Scratch

I like to write about technology but sometimes it is good to go back to basics. I cook, crochet, and knit. Here are some of my completed projects. 


6 Week Old Alien

We got back home to good ol' Northern Virginia two days ago. Eli is now 6 weeks old. It is amazing that 6 weeks ago he took his first breath and saw light for the first time. I have been reading Sci-fi stories lately and have been thinking about how Eli is a little alien, new to this world learning about what it means to be human. First he must struggle to breathe the air that is made of O2 and struggle to breathe out CO2. Then his eyes struggle to see beams of light and the blurs of the beings of the world oohing and awwwwing over him. He couldn't quite figure out what they look like but noticed they each have a peculiar smell. One of them smells familiar as he was a part of her the past few months. He feels a sensation that hurts his stomach and desires to have something in his mouth. This must be hunger. He doesn't know how to make this sensation go away so he cries. He notices the blurred Earth beings jump to put something in his mouth which make the pain of hunger go…


Right now I am reading the book "Cabinet of Curiosities" by Douglas Preston and Lee Child. In it they tell the interesting history of cabinets of curiosity also called wunderkammer. Starting in the 16th century, these rooms of wonder were collections to impress and amuse visitors. They usually had objects from natural history though many were faked. Kings and wealthy eccentrics would have a special room with their collections to awe the visitor. They would keep deformed fetuses in jars, collect prehistoric specimens, taxidermy collections of unusual animals, minerals and rocks, objects from around the world, and unusual paintings. Later, these collections came to be our present day Museums of Natural History. (no wonder I love Natural History Museums!) You can have a Cabinet of Curiosity in your own home. I started one in my basement guest room but it has since been abandoned. I had Korean wedding pictures, some ceramics, and maps from all over the world. It wasn't the …

Mobile Life or How Android Saved My Marriage

I am still behind in the tech world but I am learning fast. Right now I am practicing mobile blogging. I already have my blog mobile enabled and looks great on my Nook Color. Nook Color is not exactly a mobile device but works more like a tablet. The mobile platform still works better on the Nook Color which uses Android. Mobile versions are easier to read and push buttons because of the smaller screens. I use the Seesmic app to navigate through Twitter and Facebook easily, and the Pulse app to keep up with other bloggers and to post news articles. A lot of my favorite websites have mobile versions that I keep together on Pulse. I follow my favorite political pundits on Twitter and Seesmic makes it easier to retweet and reply. It was a lot of fun to follow last night's Republican debate while reading commentary from different snarky pundits. The two hours flew by and my husband and I had a blast! I think this will be a favorite activity between us from now on.

Now I am trying to fi…

My Nook Color

I haven't been blogging a lot because my laptop died. I am blogging now from my Nook Color that I got two weeks ago. It is not as easy to type on a tablet screen as it is on a regular keyboard. Who knows though maybe my kids will think regular keyboards are old fashioned and awkward to use. I love my Nook Color. It took getting used to the new format but I find it easier to use than my PC. It is great if you are just using it to read your daily websites and you can use the Pulse application to read all of your news and from your favorite blogs. I also download knitting and crochet patterns and the Friend magazine for free for my kids to read. Nook Color has interactive kids' books and you can download epub files. Nook Color does not have as many apps as the Ipad yet but it is adding more apps all of the time. I also heard that you can hack into thr Nook Color unlike the Ipad but I don't know how. The best part? WE ONLY PAID $250!

Heat Wave

I was so happy to finally get some rain. This summer is beginning on a hot uncomfortable start. Of course I would be 9 months pregnant. So I am hot, uncomfortable, swollen, and just overall miserable. My kids are enjoying their last week of school. Jon has been having activity days everyday.They are both having their class picnics next week. Too bad I cannot go. Aron had his final day of preschool party at McDonald's. They gave out graduation certificates and little hats. My brain is frird so I forgot my camera. Right now I am trying to keep my IC diet which is difficult and to stay cool.

What I Sing to My Babies

I love to sing to my babies. Not just to lull them to sleep but also to entertain them. My kids love music as a result. I noticed a lot of the songs I sang to them were songs that were popular in my great grandparents' day. Growing up we watched a lot of Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, and Loony Tunes before the era of political correctness that so as a result we also learned the songs of that generation. So I could sing along with my own grandparents who also grew up with the songs of the early 20th century. At the turn of the century, most people didn't have record players or the radio. Yo bought sheet music and played the popular songs on your own piano or your own guitar. If that was too hard, you played the harmonica. Unfortunately, I cannot play any instruments. I grew up around an older generation where having a piano in the living room was pretty standard and almost everyone knew either how to play the piano or the guitar. People in the old days would gather in the…

Things I Don't Care About in the News

4. Casey Anthony- I hate when the media tries to force you to care about a court case. This started with the O.J. Simpson trial. I don't care about Casey Anthony. This is now more of a local story rather than one that needs to be covered constantly on the news. 3. Weiner's weiner- Another political scandal! Not surprised. News would be a honorable person in politics 2. John Edwards- He is a political failure and committed a very selfish act that hurt a lot of people. He doesn't deserve any media attention and needs to be forgotten and punished privately. 1. Sarah Palin- She is a very interesting woman. However, her every move does not need to be covered in the media. I don't believe she is running for president though I know her endorsement would help any candidate running. I also hate any celebrity news and especially hate sports celebrity news. There is enough going on in the world to be covering those stories except in a quick update.

Self Reliant Woman Moment- Sock Bun

My daughter needed to put her hair in a bun for her ballet pictures. I know nothing about doing hair! My daughter also has very fine, thin, medium length hair making it even more difficult to do hair. What to do? Do I pay someone to do it? No! I will be a self-reliant woman and learn to do it myself! I simply used the wonderful tool of the internet to look for an easy solution to my problem. I found out about sock buns and figured out that would be the best way to do a bun in my daughters fine hair in order for the bun to look fuller and prettier. I found this link that to me had the clearest instructions. I made a sock bun out of one of my daughter's white socks that had no match and a knee high black hose. I cut the feet out of both. I then rolled the elastic part of the white sock into a scrunchie and then rolled that into the black hose. Then I put my daughter's hair into a ponytail with a ponytail holder. I put the sock bun holder around the ponytail. I pushed her…

Ok, My Soap is Dead to Me Now

I watched Young and the Restless since I can remember. My mother would watch it back before we had 24 hour cartoon channels so I pretty much had to watch what she watched. (I also went outside or played with my toys more than my kids do now) I remember Victor meeting his mother before she died or when Nikki had Victoria. I also remember the Daniel Romalotti and Cricket days. I was a child but I still couldn't stand Cricket. Anyways, throughout the years I have watched the soap off and on. I missed the show usually because I was in school or I was working. Then I became a housewife. For some reason, though I was finally the intended audience, it was harder to get into the show. I DVR it just to fast forward the annoying parts. My kids will come and watch with me. Aron knows all the main characters and Victoria, Aron, and I will discuss the show together. They don't get why Adam is the villain when he is just as bad as everyone else. Aron wonders when Tucker will wake up fro…

My Favorite Eighties Montages

What are your favorites? Mannequin 1987Dirty Dancing 1987Rocky IV 1985Karate Kid 1984

My Life as an Eighties Montage!

I read a funny article from about 80's montages. The montage was real popular in the eighties, usually with a cheesy soundtrack in the background. I often wondered if my life was a montage. Like if I could just montage my 9 months of pregnancy with "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background! Did you notice that pizza and Pepsi were  usually consumed in the background?

I would get a positive pregnancy test and then the family and I would start dancing all footloose. Jon would say "Awesome!!"

Skip to the ultrasound! "It's a boy!" Aziz would be sipping his Pepsi and Aron would say "totally wicked!"

We would be shopping for the baby. I would be throwing things in the cart. Aziz would grin in between having bites of his pizza, Pizza sauce would drip on his hot pink muscle shirt. He will try to put his finger up to stop me from buying one item. I would take his pizza slice and dump it on his mullet. He would shrug his shoulders a…

Positive Spin on the Man

My husband complained that I was being to negative and he is right. I mean there has to be some reason why I stay with him right? So I will list some positive things about him.

1. He is a great provider. He takes that calling very seriously. His money goes to his home and children before he spends a dime on himself.

2. He doesn't mind watching the kids. If I need a break he will watch the kids without complaining. True when I come home they usually aren't in bed, but he makes sure they bathe and brush their teeth.

3. He loves babies. He is real sweet with babies, the newer the better.

4. He has almost every opinion in common with me. We fight, but never about politics or philosophy. We aren't the same religion but we have few disagreements about values and beliefs. He doesn't get things like family prayer and scripture reading but he grew up in a godless world. (literally- he grew up in the Soviet Union)

5. He is tech savvy. I love this about him. If I need informati…

Confession: I Don't Want My Husband in the Delivery Room!

Since the late 1970's it has been the trend that the father has to be in the delivery room. Having a baby is no longer a  private affair but something to be shared in the public. People even want to video tape the birth is possible or give birth at home for all to see. I think that trend just puts more pressure on everyone and if someone is for "natural" mothering then they should want to give birth the way it was done for thougsands of years. WITHOUT A MAN PRESENT!!!

I gave birth to two children without a man present. Only my mother was there and she is always invited because she actually helps. In fact, she delivered my daughter when the doctor didn't get to the delivery room on time. I gave birth to my son also without a man present because Aziz was in Iraq. I didn't even think twice about him not being there. I believe that I was instead focused on giving birth to a baby and not worried about who was sharing the experience with me. Aziz was there with Aron, b…

Who is Banned From My Car Radio?

My husband complains that I flip radio stations around too much. However, there are some songs that I just refuse to listen to. They actually make me ANGRY!!! Here are some that are currently banned from my car-

Rihanna "S&M" - The title is nasty enough, but the line "sex in the air, I don't care, I like the smell of it" is enough to induce me to vomit. I also don't want to her my children repeat that line. Rihanna be so nasty! Maybe it is because I am pregnant and sensitive but the song "Umbrella" also makes me want to vomit. "It's raining, raining, Baby come into me!" Yeah, she isn't talking about the weather.

Anything by Ke$ha! My kids saw a Ke$ha video and decided she wasn't a good singer because she sings about drinking alcohol and acts trashy. Also her songs literally hurt my ears. They aren't really songs but electronic warble garble about being a slut! The constant auto tune makes me violent. My ear can only s…

Chore Experiment

I want to hire a cleaning lady, but I decided to try my kids one more time. I divided the chores a room a day with dishes, laundry, setting/cleaning the table everyday. Here is what I have done-


                 This is the day
                                  we shine the stainless steel appliances
                                                    clean the counter tops and cabinets
                                                          clean the stove and microwave and sweep and mop the floor!


                 Clean the top of the toilet -------- Clean the sides------Clean the seat------Scrub the bowl
                 Clean that sink and counter top and shine those mirrors
                 Kaboom that bathtub baby! After that- sweep and mop those floors and make them shine


                      Your toys should already be off the floor, right? So get to vacuuming and mopping
                       Dust the…

New Baby Gear So Far

New Diaper Bag- Ju Ju Be Mighty Be Diaper Bag. I really wanted a bag that was not made of material, lightweight, large enough for baby stuff, easy to clean, and not too expensive. I also really love Ju Ju Be diaper bags but didn't want to pay $150 for one. The Mighty Be line is a cheaper lighter version of the Ju Ju Be brand, only $50. I love this bag because it is lightweight. Even with all of my stuff in it, including books it is easy to carry. It is made of microfiber and is easy to clean and even has little holes to get rid of crumbs in the bag. I can take this bag to the beach, to the pool, or to go shopping and not worry about ruining it. It is definitely worth the price and a great replacement for my no name vinyl bag that gave me hundreds of compliments! (only spent $15 on that one)

 Changing Table- We need a changing table because we do not have a counter top in our bathroom. We do not have a lot of space so I needed a small enough sized one. I chose the Spoling Changing…