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My Champion

My son, Jon, who is 6, has been doing gymnastics for about 2 years now. I decided to put him in because he was jumping and flipping around my house anyway. He was getting hurt so I wanted him to learn how to flip and tumble correctly. He loves it and practices his moves for hours at home everyday. I do not need to pressure him to do gymnastics. Therefore, I think it is a great sport for him and I will support him as he advances.

Last Saturday he had his first competition, the Jerrell Steele meet in Richmond, VA. It was a lot of fun to watch and Jon did well for his first competition. I know a lot of that is due to his coach, Diego Deville. Diego is from Argentina where he was once a member of their national artistic team before getting into sport aerobics where he was an international champion. He has great rapport with his students and I hope more parents will try him out. Our team is still new and small. Two of his boys got second place all around and his girl’s team scored the best.…

Name Change Again

The most difficult part of blogging for me is to pick out a good title. I can never find one that really fits me and who I am. I love domestic science but seem to be blogging more about my in-laws. Few people got why I chose “Happy Homemaker”. So I began to read again my posts and saw a common theme. Most of my posts were about my life and struggling against sometimes serious, sometimes crazy in-laws. I am working hard to take good care of my family and to be nice to my in-laws. I am still labeled “the bad American wife.”

Oh, well, luckily I don’t live with them (not anymore anyways) so this is the story of the journey of the “bad American wife”, every Uzbek’s mother’s nightmare. I don’t like lamb, I eat at restaurants, and I like to have fun outside the kitchen on occasion. I dream of cooking like Julia Child and knit clothes that can be modeled on runways. I am opinionated and you just may not agree with me, but that is ok, I understand people are different. I love to travel and ha…