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Oh Boy!

I had my ultrasound today, and yes it is official, I am having a boy! We really wanted a girl, but another boy is alright. I understand boys and they are a lot of fun. I have tons of boys’ toys, collections of Star Wars and Super Hero Squad so this kid will be born in boy heaven.

My daughter will be disappointed. Since I was also the only girl and had four brothers and can relate to her. At least she has a lot of girl cousins. I didn’t even have that. I had only one girl cousin even close to my age (she is 3 years older) and my other female cousins are way younger than I am. So I grew up playing army and getting made fun of because I was a girl! At least Viki has some girl cousins who are like sisters to her. She will be a great big sister.

Will I try again to have a girl? Nope. I plan to get my tubes tied. I have some chronic health problems that I need to take care of and plan to do that after this birth. I can be like my mother and just wait for granddaughters. She now has 6 granddau…