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I am suffering with another UTI so I will sit and write about the exciting adventures of my son Aron. Aron is 4 1/2 years old and right now is the youngest. He stays at home but goes to a part time preschool at friends’ houses. He does gymnastics once a week and his older brother, who is 7, is his hero. He loves Super Hero Squad, Avengers, and Lego Batman and can tell you everything about them. He could probably join in conversations at comic book stores about the assassination of Captain America and Harlequin chasing the Joker. He can already read some words but he can’t write well as he still struggles with the right coordination. He wants to read and learn his math because he wants to be like his older brother and sister. He also loves to play video games and to pretend he is Wolverine or Ironman.

He is growing up but struggles from time to time. He is a very persistent sensitive boy. He hates change and likes to keep a simple routine. Clothes bother him and he refuses to wear socks…