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My Favorite Eighties Montages

What are your favorites? Mannequin 1987Dirty Dancing 1987Rocky IV 1985Karate Kid 1984

My Life as an Eighties Montage!

I read a funny article from about 80's montages. The montage was real popular in the eighties, usually with a cheesy soundtrack in the background. I often wondered if my life was a montage. Like if I could just montage my 9 months of pregnancy with "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background! Did you notice that pizza and Pepsi were  usually consumed in the background?

I would get a positive pregnancy test and then the family and I would start dancing all footloose. Jon would say "Awesome!!"

Skip to the ultrasound! "It's a boy!" Aziz would be sipping his Pepsi and Aron would say "totally wicked!"

We would be shopping for the baby. I would be throwing things in the cart. Aziz would grin in between having bites of his pizza, Pizza sauce would drip on his hot pink muscle shirt. He will try to put his finger up to stop me from buying one item. I would take his pizza slice and dump it on his mullet. He would shrug his shoulders a…

Positive Spin on the Man

My husband complained that I was being to negative and he is right. I mean there has to be some reason why I stay with him right? So I will list some positive things about him.

1. He is a great provider. He takes that calling very seriously. His money goes to his home and children before he spends a dime on himself.

2. He doesn't mind watching the kids. If I need a break he will watch the kids without complaining. True when I come home they usually aren't in bed, but he makes sure they bathe and brush their teeth.

3. He loves babies. He is real sweet with babies, the newer the better.

4. He has almost every opinion in common with me. We fight, but never about politics or philosophy. We aren't the same religion but we have few disagreements about values and beliefs. He doesn't get things like family prayer and scripture reading but he grew up in a godless world. (literally- he grew up in the Soviet Union)

5. He is tech savvy. I love this about him. If I need informati…

Confession: I Don't Want My Husband in the Delivery Room!

Since the late 1970's it has been the trend that the father has to be in the delivery room. Having a baby is no longer a  private affair but something to be shared in the public. People even want to video tape the birth is possible or give birth at home for all to see. I think that trend just puts more pressure on everyone and if someone is for "natural" mothering then they should want to give birth the way it was done for thougsands of years. WITHOUT A MAN PRESENT!!!

I gave birth to two children without a man present. Only my mother was there and she is always invited because she actually helps. In fact, she delivered my daughter when the doctor didn't get to the delivery room on time. I gave birth to my son also without a man present because Aziz was in Iraq. I didn't even think twice about him not being there. I believe that I was instead focused on giving birth to a baby and not worried about who was sharing the experience with me. Aziz was there with Aron, b…

Who is Banned From My Car Radio?

My husband complains that I flip radio stations around too much. However, there are some songs that I just refuse to listen to. They actually make me ANGRY!!! Here are some that are currently banned from my car-

Rihanna "S&M" - The title is nasty enough, but the line "sex in the air, I don't care, I like the smell of it" is enough to induce me to vomit. I also don't want to her my children repeat that line. Rihanna be so nasty! Maybe it is because I am pregnant and sensitive but the song "Umbrella" also makes me want to vomit. "It's raining, raining, Baby come into me!" Yeah, she isn't talking about the weather.

Anything by Ke$ha! My kids saw a Ke$ha video and decided she wasn't a good singer because she sings about drinking alcohol and acts trashy. Also her songs literally hurt my ears. They aren't really songs but electronic warble garble about being a slut! The constant auto tune makes me violent. My ear can only s…

Chore Experiment

I want to hire a cleaning lady, but I decided to try my kids one more time. I divided the chores a room a day with dishes, laundry, setting/cleaning the table everyday. Here is what I have done-


                 This is the day
                                  we shine the stainless steel appliances
                                                    clean the counter tops and cabinets
                                                          clean the stove and microwave and sweep and mop the floor!


                 Clean the top of the toilet -------- Clean the sides------Clean the seat------Scrub the bowl
                 Clean that sink and counter top and shine those mirrors
                 Kaboom that bathtub baby! After that- sweep and mop those floors and make them shine


                      Your toys should already be off the floor, right? So get to vacuuming and mopping
                       Dust the…

New Baby Gear So Far

New Diaper Bag- Ju Ju Be Mighty Be Diaper Bag. I really wanted a bag that was not made of material, lightweight, large enough for baby stuff, easy to clean, and not too expensive. I also really love Ju Ju Be diaper bags but didn't want to pay $150 for one. The Mighty Be line is a cheaper lighter version of the Ju Ju Be brand, only $50. I love this bag because it is lightweight. Even with all of my stuff in it, including books it is easy to carry. It is made of microfiber and is easy to clean and even has little holes to get rid of crumbs in the bag. I can take this bag to the beach, to the pool, or to go shopping and not worry about ruining it. It is definitely worth the price and a great replacement for my no name vinyl bag that gave me hundreds of compliments! (only spent $15 on that one)

 Changing Table- We need a changing table because we do not have a counter top in our bathroom. We do not have a lot of space so I needed a small enough sized one. I chose the Spoling Changing…

Birth Stories

Victoria- February 5, 2002- She was born on her due date. About 4AM the nurses gave me a pain pill. I had a terrible reaction to the medicine. I had a severe case of Restless Legs and was kicking violently. I was having contractions at the same time but for some reason the pain in my legs was worse. I kept having to have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. They finally just went ahead and gave me an epidural. When they put a catheter in me I filled up the bag in no time. I guess the epidural was strong because I felt nothing and even took a nap.

I woke up when I felt huge pressure. Is the head coming? I pushed the nurses button and said, "I think the head is coming?" in a calm voice. The nurse said she would be there in a  minute. The pressure got worse but wasn't painful. "I really think the head is coming," I said again. The nurse again said that they were coming. I felt something and put my hand down there. It was a head! My mom came over and saw her hea…

Lady Ma Ma's Favorite Rock Singers

These are in no particular order! I dare you to sing along with these on expert on Rock Band! Let me know who I missed!

Brad Delp of Boston

Steve Perry of Journey    He is real cute too and reminds me a little of my husband. (if he grew his hair long and wore leather. Aziz needs to grow a little stubble too.) Hope he reads this and fulfills my fantasy, Aziz totally needs to rock out a little!

Lynn Meredith from Kansas. Despite the feminine name a guy with a beautiful voice. Check out the link in all of his 1970's glory. I think my dad had shorts like that. (Didn't everyone?)

Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.

Paul McCartney from the Beatles and later Wings

Freddie Mercury from Queen

The Calm Night for Me to Rock Out On!

Last night I decided that we all should go to the Chinn Center to watch the kids' swim lessons. Jonny didn't like it but his brother and sister have waited 3 to 4 hours watching him during gymnastics competitions. Jonny and I went to the library next door before we met back up at the Chinn center. I was upset because once again I turned in a book and the library didn't check it in. This has happened so many times and every time I confront a librarian about it they always look at me like I am nuts. That is until i prove that they didn't check my books in.

Viki is able to swim the length of the pool now and is doing a great job. I was so proud of her. Aron is learning to float on his back. I can tell he is still scared. Jonny fussed that he was bored the whole time. I took him to watch a racquetball game that was going on in another room.

We had taco night at home, one of the kids favorite meals. Aziz didn't want tacos so he cooked his own meal. It looked wonderful a…

Gymnastika Playtime

Today Aron went to Novaks Gymnastics with his preschool friends. Novaks is a gym down in Dumfries, VA about 20 minutes away from my house on a good traffic day. Ye ol' Northern Virginian traffic gods were in a good mood today so I got there quickly.

I live in the southern most suburbs of the DC area. I live in Lake Ridge. South of me is Woodbridge (Hoodbridge), Dale City (Hell City), and Dumfires (Dumpfries). Those are our little nicknames and we mean them with love. :-) After all I live here and shop here. With all of the traffic, a store 3 miles away can sometimes take 20 minutes to get to. It is worse before 8AM and after 4PM. The class met in Dumfries at 10:45 so there was no traffic.

Novaks is the gym of Dumfries. They specialize in trampoline and they have a great Women's team. The coaches for the girl's team used to teach Jonny so I have great respect for them. We see them at competitions. My son goes to Gymnastics World which is in Lake Ridge. Their artistic gymnast…

Yes, Being a Parent is WORK

Sorry but I think there are plenty of places to go to read an uplifting article about how beautiful motherhood is. Yeah, it is beautiful, but it is difficult work. You are raising little humans with their own will, problems, and brain. They aren't hobbies and they aren't animals that you can train. Raising a human takes many years and that is why I can't really say that there is an easy time since children are always learning new things and are always making new mistakes. Motherhood is beautiful at the beginning and beautiful again when they grow up but in between it is a long struggle. I must say though it is a struggle that is well worth it in the end and I never regret having children.

Right now I am 8 months pregnant. This time of the pregnancy is difficult. I hate all men and I have no patience for my kids right now. I didn't realize how dependent my kids are. When you are in loads of pain you notice more. First let's start with my husband. He doesn't like…

My Mother's Day Gift

Aziz bought two leather couches with a rocker recliner for $1200. We have been waiting to do this purchase for two years. Our couches we have now are trashed. Aron loves to use our couches as his napkin to wipe off yogurt off of his chin.

Aziz and I were discussing names for the baby. We have completely different tastes. I like classic names, he likes exotic ethnic names. One name he suggested was Khan. I played a Youtube video playing Captain Kirk screaming "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" so loud the entire planet and the universe heard it. Aziz didn't get it of course. I saw an Indian song called "My Name is Khan" and decided to play it. My no name baby began to kick a lot and move around. I guess he likes Indian music. (Or he could equally hate it and was kicking me to shut it off.)

I ended the night watching Doctor Who with the older kids. It was a fun episode with pirates. I had a difficult time understand Matt Smith. Usually I understand him fine, but this time he …

Friday is Funday!!

Last night I got no sleep. I drank some Hawaiian punch which I found out later has pineapple juice. well, duh, HAWAIIAN Punch!So I was up all night. The next morning I went to the doctor. I tested negative for a UTI so it was purely IC.

Nice Day

I forced Aron to go to preschool even though I had a rough night. We do a co-op preschool with other friends. We have 6 four year old boys and we go to a different house every week. I did it until last month when my hips went out and I decided it was too scary to watch 6 boys by myself. We had another friend on maternity leave last year so we basically just switched.


If you asked me what word was on my mind right now I would say "stomach". This pregnancy has been very rough on my stomach since day one! I only threw up once but to be honest it might have been better if I threw up. I was nauseous for almost 5 months and could barely eat. I didn't gain any weight until my 7th month of pregnancy.


The kids are getting ready for their swim class. Viki is starting her level 3 class and Aron is starting level 2. For some reason, Aron is scared and doesn't want to go. He is worried that it will be too hard. He is acting all babyish and clingy. He doesn't like change and hates to change teachers. He started "coughing" and complaining about his stomach. I think he will be fine though.

Shock and Awe Over the Tornadoes

Last week was a busy news week and ended with the news of Osama Bin Laden's death. My husband and I cheered and watched the news until late into the night. My husband lived in Manhattan during 9/11. I was pregnant with our daughter in Tennessee worried sick that he didn't make it. Of course he did! Now, almost ten years later, I am pregnant with our fourth child and my husband is working for the Department of Defense near Washington D.C. It is amazing how life changes in ten years.

The Evil Eye

As many of you know, I had a miscarriage last February. After it happened my husband told me that he believed that one of his co-workers gave him the evil eye after he told the person about my pregnancy. Of course, I thought that was silly but thought it interesting that my husband brought up such an old Uzbek superstition.

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

I am in the middle of a 50 book challenge which I started last week and am already on book #4. I am a fast reader so I may have to raise the number of my challenge. I also challenged myself to read a genre I always stayed away from- science fiction. So last week I read my first sci-fi book, the highly recommended The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein.

Dante's Inferno/ One LDS Perspective

I read Inferno by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle a couple of weeks ago but the message stuck with me ever since. I enjoyed the book so much that I finished it in one day. A few days later I read the sequel, Escape From Hell. The books basically deconstruct Dante's Hell and put it into the modern day.

I enjoyed the modern Inferno because I never took Dante literally. I never saw his Divine Comedy as a true map of Hell, Purgatory, or Heaven but rather an allegory of the journey of the soul. He sinks down to the depths of Hell seeing the true ugly nature of sin and repents of his own ugly sins. He sees the journey upwards of those in Purgatory and finally the nature of the souls flying to the very center of the Heavens- God himself. It is interesting that in the center of Hell is the cold, dark room of Satan and in Heaven the center is God.

I don't believe Niven and Pournelle took Dante literally and in their version Inferno is an adventure of discovery of the nature of Hell and…

Number Three- Aron

I am suffering with another UTI so I will sit and write about the exciting adventures of my son Aron. Aron is 4 1/2 years old and right now is the youngest. He stays at home but goes to a part time preschool at friends' houses. He does gymnastics once a week and his older brother, who is 7, is his hero. He loves Super Hero Squad, Avengers, and Lego Batman and can tell you everything about them. He could probably join in conversations at comic book stores about the assassination of Captain America and Harlequin chasing the Joker. He can already read some words but he can't write well as he still struggles with the right coordination. He wants to read and learn his math because he wants to be like his older brother and sister. He also loves to play video games and to pretend he is Wolverine or Ironman.

My Blog Died

I had a blog that I kept for a couple of years, but it died. I got a bug in it and was unable to fix it. It doesn't matter. I was killing the darn thing way long before a bug got to it. I lost my motivation and switched focus so often that I was unable to keep up with it. Eventually, I got bored with the thing and by the time the bug got in it, I just let it go to its deep dark death.