Saturday, May 14, 2011

Birth Stories

Victoria- February 5, 2002- She was born on her due date. About 4AM the nurses gave me a pain pill. I had a terrible reaction to the medicine. I had a severe case of Restless Legs and was kicking violently. I was having contractions at the same time but for some reason the pain in my legs was worse. I kept having to have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. They finally just went ahead and gave me an epidural. When they put a catheter in me I filled up the bag in no time. I guess the epidural was strong because I felt nothing and even took a nap.

I woke up when I felt huge pressure. Is the head coming? I pushed the nurses button and said, "I think the head is coming?" in a calm voice. The nurse said she would be there in a  minute. The pressure got worse but wasn't painful. "I really think the head is coming," I said again. The nurse again said that they were coming. I felt something and put my hand down there. It was a head! My mom came over and saw her head too. "Roll over!" she told me. I pushed the button again, "ummm, THE BABY IS COMING RIGHT NOW!!!" I hardly pushed and there she was in my mother's hands still attached to an instrument that was stuck on her head. The nurses ran in and took her. THEN the midwife showed up to finish the rest of the birth. The nurses cleaned up Victoria while midwife struggled to get out my placenta. Another doctor was called because my placenta was stuck and had to be taken out manually. I guess it was a good thing I was drugged up so bad because I really felt nothing. Maybe it was the combination of strong pain medicine and the epidural, but I was zonked out almost the entire labor and IT WAS AWESOME!! Viki was the sweetest baby too though we struggled with nursing at first. She didn't cry, she would just do this "cough cough" thing when she wanted to eat. She slept well and was the prettiest little newborn I have ever seen. Aziz and I were estranged so it was as if Victoria had divorced parents with child support, visitation, etc. Aziz saw her later and loved her very much and when he took her I got wonderful breaks.

Jon- March 5, 2004 - Ten days before he was due my water broke. It was a trickle so the nurses didn't believe me but I made them check anyway. Boo yeah! It was amniotic fluid! The put me in a room overnight but my stupid labor didn't start so they put me on pitocin. I got an epidural but it wasn't very strong and I refused pain medication. I honestly wasn't in too much pain anyways, I was just happy it was over. About 45 minutes after the epidural, Jonny came without much pushing at all. I maybe pushed once or twice. He came out screaming!!!! He screamed and screamed. I have never seen such a loud screaming baby. The only thing that quieted him down was when I nursed him when he was 15 minutes old. He nursed with no problem so I gave the lactation consultant nothing to do. Usually, I like the nurses to take the baby overnight so I can get sleep the first night. The nurses kept bringing him back because he cried nonstop and refused to sleep. He was hyper even at birth! He pretty much cried the first three months of his life. I was lucky because I was staying at my parents' house because Aziz was in Iraq. We weren't estranged at the time but happily married. He was deployed. Aziz came a month later. At my parents' house we took Jonny in shifts because he cried so much. He was strong and rolled over and pushed himself up to standing position at a very young age. After 3 months, he was a very good baby.

Aron- August 29, 2006- I was induced a week early because my pain was severe. I didn't handle the epidural at all this time and felt sick through most of it. It took longer for Aron to come and they even gave me the epidural twice. My blood pressure dropped real low and I have never felt so sick. Aziz was there this time. You could tell because he really didn't know what to do. At my most sick, he brought in breakfast for himself. I yelled, "GET HIM OUT OF HERE!" He learned not to eat around a woman giving birth. Finally Aron came and it was more of a struggle this time. Maybe it was because Aron was bigger. Aziz had one side, my mother the other. Finally Aron came out and Aziz watched the entire thing. He was shaking and his eyes were tearing up. It was a real special moment for him. Aron was a pretty good baby but struggled a little bit because he breathed in some fluid when he was born. His oxygen was perfect so we knew he would be ok. Aziz spoiled Aron the rest of his life. (still spoils him) and Aziz doesn't regret watching the birth and is excited to be there again for this new one.

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