Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday is Funday!!

Last night I got no sleep. I drank some Hawaiian punch which I found out later has pineapple juice. well, duh, HAWAIIAN Punch!So I was up all night. The next morning I went to the doctor. I tested negative for a UTI so it was purely IC.

Fundal Height 32, no weight gain, baby heartbeat 155.

I am hurting again so I will probably be awake for a while. I still can't even watch a TV show. My legs start kicking..

8 more weeks!

I went to my aquatherapy. I went easier on myself this time during class and got to wear my new maternity bathing suit. It got scary at the end when I was trying to get out of the pool. My stomach was so heavy that I couldn't pull myself up the pool stairs. The therapist tried to help me but I was able to finally pull myself out. It felt like I was stuck in sticky mud. It was a scary moment and I felt like the baby would burst through my abdomen. Luckily I was able to get out this time but I am afraid of what will happen as I get bigger.

Today was a nice day but my kids just wanted to play X Box. The neighbor boy came over and they played together. Then Aron (age 4) and the neighbor (age 7) got into a big fight. I turned off the X Box and sent them all outside. I had to literally push Viki out of the door. (going outside is hard) I then locked it for 15 minutes. I guess I am a wimp. They came back inside because they were bored. I lost that battle but I will not lose the war!

I was angry when Viki went to her friend's house and asked her friend to play. Her friend said she had homework. Viki returned an hour later. Her friend's mom answered the door and told Viki not to bother her daughter again. Her daughter rings our doorbell all of the time and spends hours a day at our home and stays even when I need her to go. That is so unfair. Sometimes I regret moving to this street. Our old neighbors were the friendliest and I miss them. I miss our hour long chats in the front yard!

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