Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Calm Night for Me to Rock Out On!

Last night I decided that we all should go to the Chinn Center to watch the kids' swim lessons. Jonny didn't like it but his brother and sister have waited 3 to 4 hours watching him during gymnastics competitions. Jonny and I went to the library next door before we met back up at the Chinn center. I was upset because once again I turned in a book and the library didn't check it in. This has happened so many times and every time I confront a librarian about it they always look at me like I am nuts. That is until i prove that they didn't check my books in.

Viki is able to swim the length of the pool now and is doing a great job. I was so proud of her. Aron is learning to float on his back. I can tell he is still scared. Jonny fussed that he was bored the whole time. I took him to watch a racquetball game that was going on in another room.

We had taco night at home, one of the kids favorite meals. Aziz didn't want tacos so he cooked his own meal. It looked wonderful and Aziz did a great job. He used leftover chicken, pierogies,  and pepppers. It looked like a meal that I would have made and it took some creativity. I was real proud of him. The kids cleaned up the kitchen with no fighting.

Aziz and I played old 1990's music for the kids to show them that Lady Gaga is not original. We played Ace of Base and Madonna. It is amazing how much Lady Gaga copies Madonna. Watch a Madonna video from the early 1990's (during her sexual experimentation phase) and it looks almost exactly like Lady Gaga. If I was that desperate for money, I could have just copied Madonna and made millions? All I had to do was dye my hair blond and where weird clothes and sing about sex and Italy and be world famous? Oh,  yeah you have to kiss a girl to for the plan to work. Ask Katy Perry, it worked for her!

I am a cheerleader for bringing back classic rock. You know where music was dominated by bands who were accomplished at their instrument. You could make lists of the best guitarists, bassists, drummers and even vocalists. Those old rock vocalists would beat out any pop singer any day.

So I gave my kids a music lesson and then sent them off to do their homework. It was a wonderful quiet night.

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