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Gymnastika Playtime

Today Aron went to Novaks Gymnastics with his preschool friends. Novaks is a gym down in Dumfries, VA about 20 minutes away from my house on a good traffic day. Ye ol' Northern Virginian traffic gods were in a good mood today so I got there quickly.

I live in the southern most suburbs of the DC area. I live in Lake Ridge. South of me is Woodbridge (Hoodbridge), Dale City (Hell City), and Dumfires (Dumpfries). Those are our little nicknames and we mean them with love. :-) After all I live here and shop here. With all of the traffic, a store 3 miles away can sometimes take 20 minutes to get to. It is worse before 8AM and after 4PM. The class met in Dumfries at 10:45 so there was no traffic.

Novaks is the gym of Dumfries. They specialize in trampoline and they have a great Women's team. The coaches for the girl's team used to teach Jonny so I have great respect for them. We see them at competitions. My son goes to Gymnastics World which is in Lake Ridge. Their artistic gymnastics teams are still very young but are doing very well. The girls almost got all first places. The boys did wonderful too and placed high. My son had a wonderful first season.  We love our coach Diego. Gymnastics World is more famous for their Rhythmic Gymnastics Team and their Sport Aerobics team. The coaches for the Sport Aerobic Teams are world champions.There are Youth Sports in Woodbridge and Apollo (couldn't get their link to work for some reason) in northern Woodbridge near Dale City. They both have excellent boy's gymnastics teams. Because I only follow boy's gymnastics I really don't know much about their girl's team but I am sure they are just as good.

Novaks has a free play time for kids under 5 that is free for the first time. Play times are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can't beat the low $5 price after your first visit. Most gyms charge $20 for three hours minimum and only provide open gym for all ages. They did a great job setting up the gym for the kids and had a small lesson before and after play time. My favorite part was all of the trampolines they had in the back. I assume those are for their trampoline team. I have never seen so many trampolines together before. There was padding and  mattresses all over the walls to keep the kids safe. The kids loved the rope swing and the pit something that unfortunately Gymnastics World doesn't have. (we don't mind that for regular team sessions however since they really don't need the pit by that stage. I think I will take Aron again before school gets out. He has a structured class at Gymnastics World every week so it is fun for him to play freely on the equipment.

I am glad I found a cheap activity for Aron. Viki and Jonny are too old for playtime and Jonny already goes to gymnastics 9 hours a week so I doubt he would want to go to the gym for fun. Aron would enjoy it until school gets out.


  1. My daughter also loves attending her gymnastics class every Saturday. She has been doing it since she was five years old. I'm glad that her gym has special lessons intended for kids and toddlers.

    Kids Gymnastics


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