Monday, May 2, 2011

My Blog Died

I had a blog that I kept for a couple of years, but it died. I got a bug in it and was unable to fix it. It doesn't matter. I was killing the darn thing way long before a bug got to it. I lost my motivation and switched focus so often that I was unable to keep up with it. Eventually, I got bored with the thing and by the time the bug got in it, I just let it go to its deep dark death.

See, I have many interests so it is so difficult to pick a topic. I love film and literature. I love politics. I am not a fan of mommy blogging but my family wants to read about my family. I also am living in a weird situation. I have in-laws who are all martyrs and victims yet have no problem attacking and teasing me despite the fact that I am one of the few who could help them. (they are fresh immigrants, I am a trained ESOL teacher, but they are too proud to ask for help. That is one example.)

I also have a passion for history and genealogy. Ever since I traveled to London two years ago, I have been fascinated by Westminster Abbey and its main builder, King Henry III. It is difficult to keep a blog on so narrow a topic. Genealogy also tends to be too narrow for an audience. Even most of my family members don't care. Both topics failed.

The only topic that had any success was politics, but that was difficult to keep up with and tough to weed out all of the trolls and flamers. It is very easy to attract trolls. Cooking was difficult and I am not too much into crafting. Not enough to blog about it.

Mommy blogging is sometimes fun, but since that is so much a part of my life, I'd rather use blogging as a way for my brain to think about other topics. My family likes to read about my kids though.

I guess I will keep it eclectic and fun and not too narrow in focus. I will write about my children and family, throw in a little cooking and crafting, books and film, and of course add a little history. I will try to keep it fun and of course remind the world that these are my thoughts and opinions. I am not trying to write a research paper.

I hope this time I will be more successful. Blogger is easier to use for me so that will keep away any compulsion I have about my old broken blog. Plus I will save money.

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