Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mother's Day Gift

Aziz bought two leather couches with a rocker recliner for $1200. We have been waiting to do this purchase for two years. Our couches we have now are trashed. Aron loves to use our couches as his napkin to wipe off yogurt off of his chin.

Aziz and I were discussing names for the baby. We have completely different tastes. I like classic names, he likes exotic ethnic names. One name he suggested was Khan. I played a Youtube video playing Captain Kirk screaming "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" so loud the entire planet and the universe heard it. Aziz didn't get it of course. I saw an Indian song called "My Name is Khan" and decided to play it. My no name baby began to kick a lot and move around. I guess he likes Indian music. (Or he could equally hate it and was kicking me to shut it off.)

I ended the night watching Doctor Who with the older kids. It was a fun episode with pirates. I had a difficult time understand Matt Smith. Usually I understand him fine, but this time he lost me. I had to put on Closed Captioning. The kids learned a little about pirates and about CPR. During commercial breaks, I read some study questions for the SOL to Viki. She did know that a hemisphere means a half of a sphere.

Aron put himself to bed around 8PM. I didn't even know he went to bed. He has a fever again. I hope his ear infection did not come back.  I am trying not to lose it! I get real irritable and mean my last trimester. My husband is already hearing and is learning not to take it personally. He also is learning not to mention his family right now to me.

I hope I get some sleep tonight. I have been going to the bathroom like normal today so that is a real relief.

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