Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nice Day

I forced Aron to go to preschool even though I had a rough night. We do a co-op preschool with other friends. We have 6 four year old boys and we go to a different house every week. I did it until last month when my hips went out and I decided it was too scary to watch 6 boys by myself. We had another friend on maternity leave last year so we basically just switched.

Aron refuses to do his work. Every week he comes home with a blank sheet of paper. I get upset but I also remind myself that I was the same way at the age of four. I didn't like to follow directions and would usually make up my own rules. When we had to color pumpkins orange for example, I wanted to color mine red because they were in a story i created in my head about red pumpkins that were different from everyone else. I missed recess several times in preschool because of my stubbornness.

So Aron and his friends played outside in the beautiful weather for almost 2 hours. Aron did all the things there that he wouldn't do at home. He dug in the dirt, shoveled, played in the woods with sticks and rode in the play car. I have all of those things at home but he won't touch them. I even bought him a sandbox since he loves to play in the sand. Viki and Jonny play in there instead. Viki likes to make sand castles with her friends. Jonny brings his storm troopers and has a Tatooine battle. I guess that is why he is asking for Return of the Jedi clones. He mainly has the Star Wars The Clone Wars clone troopers. (I still call them storm troopers because I hate the idea of making them clones. The idea that there were normal guys under those masks who hung out after work and played space bowling was more appealing to me. For Jonny, pre-Star Wars IV they are clone troopers, after they are storm troopers.)

Tonight we have gymnastics and swimming. Jonny is excited to be in level five. He gets to do the double back handspring and flip off of the rings. I tried to push back his practice time and have him go two hours three times a week, but he gets mad when I bring him home early. He loves his coach and team mates and wants to do well next year in his competitions. So he will miss out on playing outside, but he honestly doesn't care.

I am so tired right now. I think I have another gymnast inside of me. He moves all day long and kicks me when I am in a position he doesn't like. At least I know he is alright. Viki hardly moved and I was always worried that something was wrong with her. She was such a chill baby. Girls really are easier at first, but they pay you back in later years once they learn how to talk.


  1. My girls are sweet and crazy! Miriam is 11 months old and one very busy busy girl.

  2. your girls have enough of JJ in them! JJ never sat still as a kid. I would even say he was more hyper than Jon Jon.