Wednesday, May 4, 2011


If you asked me what word was on my mind right now I would say "stomach". This pregnancy has been very rough on my stomach since day one! I only threw up once but to be honest it might have been better if I threw up. I was nauseous for almost 5 months and could barely eat. I didn't gain any weight until my 7th month of pregnancy.

Now in the 3rd trimester my stomach is in horrible pain again. Everything I eat makes me feel ill. My interstitial cystitis is also flaring up so I am just having a terrible time right now. When I go out, I have about 30 minutes to shop before the nausea hits and I have to rush home. I never had that problem with the previous pregnancies. In the past, I could eat whatever I wanted. Now I can eat bland chicken and bland rice or potatoes. I still crave Chick-fil-A but even that is getting too difficult to digest. Spinach and other greens are so out! (the Kale at Ikea is delicious by the way but it made me sick for two days fir some reason. I suspect the seasoning might have affected me)

My stomach is not what keeps me up all night. That would be my bladder and my back with a combination restless legs. At least I get to watch some interesting documentaries at 2AM and I don't know what I would do without my DVR!

so, Viki was the easy pregnancy, Jonny hurt my tail bone, Aron killed my hips and pelvic bones, and this boy will be the stomach boy.

Happy Mother's Day to me!

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