Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The kids are getting ready for their swim class. Viki is starting her level 3 class and Aron is starting level 2. For some reason, Aron is scared and doesn't want to go. He is worried that it will be too hard. He is acting all babyish and clingy. He doesn't like change and hates to change teachers. He started "coughing" and complaining about his stomach. I think he will be fine though.

All of us are complaining health wise. The air is nasty and green and our lungs are filled with gunky pollen. Construction has begun full force again in the neighborhood behind ours. They are building million dollar homes for all of the new government workers transferring to Fort Belvoir. We really don't need more people! I miss the quiet woods behind my little townhouse. At least we can still see our family of deer who come to visit every night at dinner time.

When I got the energy I went internet shopping. I need a nice swing and a nice diaper bag before the baby comes. I think we have everything else covered except little things like baby clothes bigger than 3 months and bigger diapers. I don't know how big this baby will be but my babies are usually born big. Already I am being pushed rather than kicked on the inside and I can tell he has got big feet. His head isn't as big as Aron's was. I think Aron might have caused permanent damage that I am still going to therapy for.

I go to aqua therapy at the same place my kids go to swim class. I love it and it is really good for your core area. I may be the youngest in the class, but I enjoyed talking to the older ladies. I felt embarrassed about my big pregnant belly until I saw the guy in the pool who looked like a werewolf he had so much hair. None of us were young model looking teenagers in that class, but we had fun doing our exercises with our paddles and floaties. I got over the fact that I don't have my 20 year old legs anymore. I do miss them greatly. I used to have nice legs. It could be worse I guess.

That is my day. On to cook my turkey in the bag I bought at Target!

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  1. I can't wait to see pictures of your new baby boy! I was going to buy some clothes for him, now I know what size to get!