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Mobile Life or How Android Saved My Marriage

I am still behind in the tech world but I am learning fast. Right now I am practicing mobile blogging. I already have my blog mobile enabled and looks great on my Nook Color. Nook Color is not exactly a mobile device but works more like a tablet. The mobile platform still works better on the Nook Color which uses Android. Mobile versions are easier to read and push buttons because of the smaller screens. I use the Seesmic app to navigate through Twitter and Facebook easily, and the Pulse app to keep up with other bloggers and to post news articles. A lot of my favorite websites have mobile versions that I keep together on Pulse. I follow my favorite political pundits on Twitter and Seesmic makes it easier to retweet and reply. It was a lot of fun to follow last night's Republican debate while reading commentary from different snarky pundits. The two hours flew by and my husband and I had a blast! I think this will be a favorite activity between us from now on.

Now I am trying to fi…

My Nook Color

I haven't been blogging a lot because my laptop died. I am blogging now from my Nook Color that I got two weeks ago. It is not as easy to type on a tablet screen as it is on a regular keyboard. Who knows though maybe my kids will think regular keyboards are old fashioned and awkward to use. I love my Nook Color. It took getting used to the new format but I find it easier to use than my PC. It is great if you are just using it to read your daily websites and you can use the Pulse application to read all of your news and from your favorite blogs. I also download knitting and crochet patterns and the Friend magazine for free for my kids to read. Nook Color has interactive kids' books and you can download epub files. Nook Color does not have as many apps as the Ipad yet but it is adding more apps all of the time. I also heard that you can hack into thr Nook Color unlike the Ipad but I don't know how. The best part? WE ONLY PAID $250!

Heat Wave

I was so happy to finally get some rain. This summer is beginning on a hot uncomfortable start. Of course I would be 9 months pregnant. So I am hot, uncomfortable, swollen, and just overall miserable. My kids are enjoying their last week of school. Jon has been having activity days everyday.They are both having their class picnics next week. Too bad I cannot go. Aron had his final day of preschool party at McDonald's. They gave out graduation certificates and little hats. My brain is frird so I forgot my camera. Right now I am trying to keep my IC diet which is difficult and to stay cool.

What I Sing to My Babies

I love to sing to my babies. Not just to lull them to sleep but also to entertain them. My kids love music as a result. I noticed a lot of the songs I sang to them were songs that were popular in my great grandparents' day. Growing up we watched a lot of Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, and Loony Tunes before the era of political correctness that so as a result we also learned the songs of that generation. So I could sing along with my own grandparents who also grew up with the songs of the early 20th century. At the turn of the century, most people didn't have record players or the radio. Yo bought sheet music and played the popular songs on your own piano or your own guitar. If that was too hard, you played the harmonica. Unfortunately, I cannot play any instruments. I grew up around an older generation where having a piano in the living room was pretty standard and almost everyone knew either how to play the piano or the guitar. People in the old days would gather in the…

Things I Don't Care About in the News

4. Casey Anthony- I hate when the media tries to force you to care about a court case. This started with the O.J. Simpson trial. I don't care about Casey Anthony. This is now more of a local story rather than one that needs to be covered constantly on the news. 3. Weiner's weiner- Another political scandal! Not surprised. News would be a honorable person in politics 2. John Edwards- He is a political failure and committed a very selfish act that hurt a lot of people. He doesn't deserve any media attention and needs to be forgotten and punished privately. 1. Sarah Palin- She is a very interesting woman. However, her every move does not need to be covered in the media. I don't believe she is running for president though I know her endorsement would help any candidate running. I also hate any celebrity news and especially hate sports celebrity news. There is enough going on in the world to be covering those stories except in a quick update.

Self Reliant Woman Moment- Sock Bun

My daughter needed to put her hair in a bun for her ballet pictures. I know nothing about doing hair! My daughter also has very fine, thin, medium length hair making it even more difficult to do hair. What to do? Do I pay someone to do it? No! I will be a self-reliant woman and learn to do it myself! I simply used the wonderful tool of the internet to look for an easy solution to my problem. I found out about sock buns and figured out that would be the best way to do a bun in my daughters fine hair in order for the bun to look fuller and prettier. I found this link that to me had the clearest instructions. I made a sock bun out of one of my daughter's white socks that had no match and a knee high black hose. I cut the feet out of both. I then rolled the elastic part of the white sock into a scrunchie and then rolled that into the black hose. Then I put my daughter's hair into a ponytail with a ponytail holder. I put the sock bun holder around the ponytail. I pushed her…

Ok, My Soap is Dead to Me Now

I watched Young and the Restless since I can remember. My mother would watch it back before we had 24 hour cartoon channels so I pretty much had to watch what she watched. (I also went outside or played with my toys more than my kids do now) I remember Victor meeting his mother before she died or when Nikki had Victoria. I also remember the Daniel Romalotti and Cricket days. I was a child but I still couldn't stand Cricket. Anyways, throughout the years I have watched the soap off and on. I missed the show usually because I was in school or I was working. Then I became a housewife. For some reason, though I was finally the intended audience, it was harder to get into the show. I DVR it just to fast forward the annoying parts. My kids will come and watch with me. Aron knows all the main characters and Victoria, Aron, and I will discuss the show together. They don't get why Adam is the villain when he is just as bad as everyone else. Aron wonders when Tucker will wake up fro…