Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mobile Life or How Android Saved My Marriage

I am still behind in the tech world but I am learning fast. Right now I am practicing mobile blogging. I already have my blog mobile enabled and looks great on my Nook Color. Nook Color is not exactly a mobile device but works more like a tablet. The mobile platform still works better on the Nook Color which uses Android. Mobile versions are easier to read and push buttons because of the smaller screens. I use the Seesmic app to navigate through Twitter and Facebook easily, and the Pulse app to keep up with other bloggers and to post news articles. A lot of my favorite websites have mobile versions that I keep together on Pulse. I follow my favorite political pundits on Twitter and Seesmic makes it easier to retweet and reply. It was a lot of fun to follow last night's Republican debate while reading commentary from different snarky pundits. The two hours flew by and my husband and I had a blast! I think this will be a favorite activity between us from now on.

Now I am trying to find a way to blog with having to use tiny buttons. Adding pictures is still a mystery!
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