Monday, June 13, 2011

My Nook Color

I haven't been blogging a lot because my laptop died. I am blogging now from my Nook Color that I got two weeks ago. It is not as easy to type on a tablet screen as it is on a regular keyboard. Who knows though maybe my kids will think regular keyboards are old fashioned and awkward to use. I love my Nook Color. It took getting used to the new format but I find it easier to use than my PC. It is great if you are just using it to read your daily websites and you can use the Pulse application to read all of your news and from your favorite blogs. I also download knitting and crochet patterns and the Friend magazine for free for my kids to read. Nook Color has interactive kids' books and you can download epub files. Nook Color does not have as many apps as the Ipad yet but it is adding more apps all of the time. I also heard that you can hack into thr Nook Color unlike the Ipad but I don't know how. The best part? WE ONLY PAID $250!

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