Monday, June 6, 2011

Self Reliant Woman Moment- Sock Bun

My daughter needed to put her hair in a bun for her ballet pictures. I know nothing about doing hair! My daughter also has very fine, thin, medium length hair making it even more difficult to do hair. What to do? Do I pay someone to do it? No! I will be a self-reliant woman and learn to do it myself! I simply used the wonderful tool of the internet to look for an easy solution to my problem. I found out about sock buns and figured out that would be the best way to do a bun in my daughters fine hair in order for the bun to look fuller and prettier. I found this link that to me had the clearest instructions. I made a sock bun out of one of my daughter's white socks that had no match and a knee high black hose. I cut the feet out of both. I then rolled the elastic part of the white sock into a scrunchie and then rolled that into the black hose. Then I put my daughter's hair into a ponytail with a ponytail holder. I put the sock bun holder around the ponytail. I pushed her hair around the sock bun, Then I put another ponytail holder over the sock bun to hold it into place. I didn't need to use hairspray or bobby pins though I will need to when she actually dances. I am so proud of my accomplishment! Yes, I can be a self-reliant woman! Oh, and here are Viki's braces!

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