Monday, June 6, 2011

Things I Don't Care About in the News

4. Casey Anthony- I hate when the media tries to force you to care about a court case. This started with the O.J. Simpson trial. I don't care about Casey Anthony. This is now more of a local story rather than one that needs to be covered constantly on the news. 3. Weiner's weiner- Another political scandal! Not surprised. News would be a honorable person in politics 2. John Edwards- He is a political failure and committed a very selfish act that hurt a lot of people. He doesn't deserve any media attention and needs to be forgotten and punished privately. 1. Sarah Palin- She is a very interesting woman. However, her every move does not need to be covered in the media. I don't believe she is running for president though I know her endorsement would help any candidate running. I also hate any celebrity news and especially hate sports celebrity news. There is enough going on in the world to be covering those stories except in a quick update.

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