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How to Attract Negative Commenters to Your Blog

I have been blogging since 2006 and one of the most interesting things is when this creature called a Troll finds your blog. A Troll is a bored scary little thing that goes through blogs, message boards, and You Tube comments saying mean, evil words creating a fight. If you've never had a troll visit your blog, it is easy to attract one. All you have to do is set a bait. Here is the bait that works the best.

1. Keep a "Conservative" blog. Extra points for being a member of the Tea Party. Trolls hate those who are Conservative and this bait successfully attracts the nastiest of trolls. Bonus points for misspelled words or bad grammer. You will suddenly get a comment about how Bush lied people died etc.

2. Write an anti- Obama post. My page views increased dramatically when I wrote a post against Obama, all were people trolling and questioning your intellect. It might not work as much now. Suddenly people will write comments questioning Bush or Reagan and how racist th…

What I Learned from Our Virginian Disasters

We survived the earthquake and the hurricane, which was a tropical storm here. The wind was scary and my lights flickered but as is well. I look at these close call disasters as a blessing because they are like practice rounds for when a truly catastrophic disaster hits. I now have my 72 hour kits complete and know what to do and when I would need the kit. I understand why it is necessary to have cash and a full tank of gas. I also know that a hot item during disasters are "D" cell batteries so I need to stock up on them during a beautiful day. I also need a nice lamp and maybe some sleeping bags.

We know that the flooding is more of a concern than an actual hurricane and that, yes, an earthquake is possible in Virginia. I also know that after the earthquake my neighbors acted like real neighbors. We came out of our houses and checked on each other. We even talked to the cleaning ladies and the nannies to make sure they were ok. That was comforting for me to know and I lear…

Top 5 Things People in Genoa City Will Never Say

I got this from bogylove in the Young and the Restless boards on Here are mine-

Adam to Victor: No, I didn't GET that, YOU got that?

Victor to Adam: Maybe I am a little too hard on you.  Sorry about Skye!

Sharon to Victor: I wouldn't be in jail if it wasn't for you lying about not being on the volcano! Stop pretending to save me.

Sam: This place is nuts, I'm outta here! Thanks for the sex Sharon!

Victoria to Nick: Bro, you are such a man slut!

Honorable mention-
Entire cast to Victor or Kay: Shut up and retire already!

from another poster (not mine originally)
Abby: Aren't Kyle and I supposed to be the same age?
Victoria: I'm going to get my hair done today!

I am one those who is tired of Adam being the designated villain since his crimes aren't much worse than anyone else. Did Sharon forget all that Victor did to her and the way he punished her for dating Adam? Bad writing!


Aron's Birthday Party

Better not see my cake on that ugly cake blog! It is an ugly cake for a boy! It is not supposed to be cute! Next time I will do better since now I know what to do and making it was so much fun! Aron loved it and that is all that matters! He had a lot of fun and loved all of his presents. He fell right to sleep after the party was over!

Perfect Virginian Disaster TV Marathons

As you know, we are in the middle of a Virginia disaster marathon. Since we are stuck in the house as the dark rainy clouds surround us, the howling wind and bending trees keeping us huddled together, it is a perfect day for TV marathons. Since a dark mood is already set, it is a day for the weird and the scary shows. Here are my top recommendations that my family look forward to.

SUPERNATURAL- This is a perfect show if you don't have small children, or the kids are busy in another room. The story of the monster hunters, Sam and Dean, the dark scary weather is a perfect backdrop to the dark and mysterious stories of demons, fallen angels, and vampires. Verizon On Demand has Supernatural on TNT. I recorded the last season on my DVR. The last season has Sam and Dean against the mother of all evil- a demon like creature named Eve. Along with Sam and Dean are their father figure redneck hunter Bobby and the angel Castiel. Castiel is acting funny this season and the demon Crowley …

Virginia Disaster Updates

I have discovered that the wood in my guest bathroom looks damaged and a picture was crooked. I might need to get my floors checked out. Now all of my tiles look bad. My floors were terrible anyway the earthquake just didn't help things. Prince William country is in a mass panic even though we aren't in the direct path of Irene. There are no more flashlights or D cell batteries left anywhere. When I was getting gas, a guy in front of me was filling up extra containers full of gas. (for his generator maybe, I don't know?) I just wanted to but one flashlight since my kids always lose mine. I bought a lightsaber that lights up and plan to keep my phone and Nook charged to use as light temporarily. Our lights probably won't go out anyways.

Virginian Disasters

Virginia was bored so she decided to shake things up a bit...right before a hurricane. Now we need a volcano to appear like that one in that book about the bored Mexican farmer they read on Reading Rainbow when I was a kid and a tsunami and I will have lived through every kind of disaster.
So the earthquake is done. Now it is Hurricane Irene's turn. The web had fun with the earthquake. This one is from Neal Boortz "USGS says earthquake moved DC 3" closer to Moscow. Obama sneers at weak effort, vows to do better."  

This was my favorite picture-

Now Twitter is having fun with the hurricane. Right now in my area a hot topic is ghetto hurricane names. So far there aren't too many funny ones. I can't think of any. Maybe Curtis or Lavaneesha. I have nothing!

I am too far from the coast so I don't think I need to worry about evacuating. I am near the Occuquan river, but I am up high on a hill and our neighborhood did a great job with protecting us from floodin…

Twitter or Facebook and A Complaint

I love Facebook! I have used it since 2006. It was fun to find old high school and college friends. Facebook kept me connected to my phone shy brothers and connected me with cousins I haven't seen in years. I love to write to express myself and share information. Facebook was useful for that purpose but my constant status updates were annoying. I now use Facebook to keep up with family and Twitter as more of a creative, public tool. It is sort of a microblog for myself. I follow funny and orginal tweeters. I also like getting DC traffic and weather updates. My favorite tweeters are Neal Boortz, Nicholas Pegg, Steven Moffat, Michelle Malkin, Jim Beaver and Tammy Bruce. Capital Weather is also good. Twitter is the best to use when there is breaking news. I got more information about things like the political debates and the earthquake from Twitter than from any other news source. Of course Twitter linked to news sources but I got them quickly. (another great place is,…

My Virginia Earthquake Damage

Stupid video, but I know I appreciated it when people in earthquakes posted videos about their experiences. So here is mine. I was organizing my son's books in his bookcase. I felt a shaking but thought it was a plane. Then the shaking continued so I thought the kids might be blasting the stereo or a train was about to run into the house. . . . but we have no trains nearby and then I realized THIS IS AN EARTHQUAKE IN FREAKIN VIRGINIA!! What am I supposed to do? I have never been in an earthquake before. I at first went under a doorway but then thought, MY KIDS DUMMY GET THE KIDS! I ran down the stairs as they shook under my feet. Jon Jon was outside and Victoria was telling him to come back inside and go to the basement. I was grabbing Eli and yelled "that's a tornado, run outside!" All the kids ran outside and Eli and I were close behind. Then the shaking stopped. A neighbor came outside and yelled "What was that?" I yelled back (she was across the street)…

Eli's Talkin!!

Using Tablets, etc at Church

Ten years ago if someone mentioned a tablet at church they might of thought of. . .

But in 2011 we think of. . .

I bought a Nook Color a couple of months ago and I am addicted to it. It started as just a little toy but now I find that I USE it rather than PLAY with it. I haven't played Solitaire in a while. I mainly check my Twitter for the news, read daily messages from the church, check email, and catch up on my reading. It is such a handy device but I always felt weird bringing it to church. I brought it yesterday to church and used it without embarrassment and found that it was useful and helped me to focus more. (in between Eli's pooping and feeding of course.)

In sacrament meeting my children read a downloaded Friend magazine or catch up on scripture reading. I keep notes on the talks on the app Fliq notes. Searching the scriptures is easy on the downloaded scriptures I ordered from When I wanted to look up a topic I hit search and typed in the top…

So I open my cupboard . . .

Viki and Sport Aerobics

I remember when I first took Viki to gymnastics when she was 3. We were living in Hawaii and she took classes at Schofield Barracks. I believed my little cute girl was perfect for gymnastics. With every bounce on the trampoline and every walk on the balance beam I dreamed of gymnastics glory.

At the age of five, we put her in a very good gymnastics club in Hermitage, TN. One of her friends from kindergarten was already competing and doing well. Viki wanted to be like her friend so we put her in the girl's beginner class. The first two times were ok. The third time I noticed she wasn't smiling much. Suddenly, during warm ups, she began to cry. The coach took her out. I talked to her and tried to get her to go back inside to go to her class. With every refusal, my dream of seeing her as a gymnastics star faded away. It might have been my dream, but it wasn't for her. I accepted that and focused more on keeping her fit and active.

In Virginia, she saw pictures of rhythmic…


Is this a scene from Hoarders? Do I need Matt Paxton and Dr. Chabaud to give me a lecture?

Actually, no this photograph shows bags full of my children's school supplies. I finally finished my school shopping today. I finished it at Walmart where I found the best prices for wet wipes and Zip Loc bags. Did I buy the name brand? Heck, no! I bought the Great Value brand in everything. I think that is a trick schools use. They use a brand name for an object like Kleenex instead of tissues or Zip Loc instead of double zipper storage bags. I have also seen Crayola used as well. Some parents especially noobies think you have to get the exact name brand.

A father with his three kids were searching in a confused manner for the correct Zip Loc bags. "why do they make you get the name brand?" the father asked. I helped him by telling him that he didn't HAVE to get the name brand and that the generic was just as good.

Six things of wet wipes! Aron needed six!! Good thing the…

My Shows

Warehouse 13
Being Human


Drop Dead Diva

ABC Family-
Switched at Birth

Doctor Who
Jekyll (on Netflix instant)
Sherlock (Netflix instant)
Being Human

Do Nothing Day

What was the weather like today? I have no idea because I didn't go outside. We just chilled inside. I watched the BBC show Sherlock written by my favorite TV writer Steven Moffat who is over Doctor Who right now. We didn't want to go anywhere today!

I am happy that Jon Jon and Aron have finally become friends. They not only play Xbox together but they also play Super Hero Squad! I have waited for years for them to finally play together. Aron was always the baby though and just wanted to be around his Mommy or Daddy. Now that he is no longer the baby of the family he has bonded more with his brother. Jon Jon is no longer a middle child. Things have evened out for him. I enjoy having four children. I think that for me it is the perfect amount of children. I was always told that four children are easier than three and now I understand better why. The older kids are more independent and helpful. They play and entertain the younger ones and the younger ones look up to their older s…

Summer- Day in the Life Pictures

7 Weeks- All Smiles

Hand Made from Scratch

I like to write about technology but sometimes it is good to go back to basics. I cook, crochet, and knit. Here are some of my completed projects. 


6 Week Old Alien

We got back home to good ol' Northern Virginia two days ago. Eli is now 6 weeks old. It is amazing that 6 weeks ago he took his first breath and saw light for the first time. I have been reading Sci-fi stories lately and have been thinking about how Eli is a little alien, new to this world learning about what it means to be human. First he must struggle to breathe the air that is made of O2 and struggle to breathe out CO2. Then his eyes struggle to see beams of light and the blurs of the beings of the world oohing and awwwwing over him. He couldn't quite figure out what they look like but noticed they each have a peculiar smell. One of them smells familiar as he was a part of her the past few months. He feels a sensation that hurts his stomach and desires to have something in his mouth. This must be hunger. He doesn't know how to make this sensation go away so he cries. He notices the blurred Earth beings jump to put something in his mouth which make the pain of hunger go…


Right now I am reading the book "Cabinet of Curiosities" by Douglas Preston and Lee Child. In it they tell the interesting history of cabinets of curiosity also called wunderkammer. Starting in the 16th century, these rooms of wonder were collections to impress and amuse visitors. They usually had objects from natural history though many were faked. Kings and wealthy eccentrics would have a special room with their collections to awe the visitor. They would keep deformed fetuses in jars, collect prehistoric specimens, taxidermy collections of unusual animals, minerals and rocks, objects from around the world, and unusual paintings. Later, these collections came to be our present day Museums of Natural History. (no wonder I love Natural History Museums!) You can have a Cabinet of Curiosity in your own home. I started one in my basement guest room but it has since been abandoned. I had Korean wedding pictures, some ceramics, and maps from all over the world. It wasn't the …