Wednesday, August 3, 2011

6 Week Old Alien

We got back home to good ol' Northern Virginia two days ago. Eli is now 6 weeks old. It is amazing that 6 weeks ago he took his first breath and saw light for the first time. I have been reading Sci-fi stories lately and have been thinking about how Eli is a little alien, new to this world learning about what it means to be human. First he must struggle to breathe the air that is made of O2 and struggle to breathe out CO2. Then his eyes struggle to see beams of light and the blurs of the beings of the world oohing and awwwwing over him. He couldn't quite figure out what they look like but noticed they each have a peculiar smell. One of them smells familiar as he was a part of her the past few months. He feels a sensation that hurts his stomach and desires to have something in his mouth. This must be hunger. He doesn't know how to make this sensation go away so he cries. He notices the blurred Earth beings jump to put something in his mouth which make the pain of hunger go away. He has these limbs that move and he can't figure out how to make them stop hitting him in the face. They jump when someone makes and noise and that bothers him. He wants so badly to put his thumb in his mouth but can't control that stupid limb that he will later learn is called an arm.

Now 6 weeks later my little alien has learned a lot about earth life. He learned that those blurred earth beings have faces which fascinate him so much that he smiles at them. He recognizes the two eyes and mouth, glasses and hair of his mother and knows that when she holds him she will feed him and get rid of those hunger pains. He has learned that if he cries that the humans will jump and hold him. He loves to be held. He has better control of those floppy limbs and can even stand when someone holds him up. That heavy head keeps flopping. He has discovered his voice and loves to grunt, especially at night because it is quiet and his grunting is the only noise he hears. He loves riding in the car and gets mad when we stop. He loves the sound of children playing and loves their smiles. He loves the warm water of the bath. It is sooo relaxing. He loves it when his human mother washes his hair. He would love to tell his new family about his observations and the life he left before but is unable to talk. He knows that his family loves him and that is all that matters. He is part of a family now. His family is also excited to get to know him.

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  1. Sure is a cute little alien! Looks like the earth mom is feeding him well!