Monday, August 22, 2011

Using Tablets, etc at Church

Ten years ago if someone mentioned a tablet at church they might of thought of. . .

But in 2011 we think of. . .

I bought a Nook Color a couple of months ago and I am addicted to it. It started as just a little toy but now I find that I USE it rather than PLAY with it. I haven't played Solitaire in a while. I mainly check my Twitter for the news, read daily messages from the church, check email, and catch up on my reading. It is such a handy device but I always felt weird bringing it to church. I brought it yesterday to church and used it without embarrassment and found that it was useful and helped me to focus more. (in between Eli's pooping and feeding of course.)

In sacrament meeting my children read a downloaded Friend magazine or catch up on scripture reading. I keep notes on the talks on the app Fliq notes. Searching the scriptures is easy on the downloaded scriptures I ordered from When I wanted to look up a topic I hit search and typed in the topic and was able to find the information quickly. I can download the recent Ensign to my Nook and the Nook format makes it easy to read and navigate through. Those who have 3G or 4G networks on their devices such as a smart phone can look up an Ensign article on the web. You can also download the hymn book and hymns. I could put down an appointment on my calendar. All of the information I needed is on that little tablet. I noticed that I relied on my Nook a lot at church and I didn't have to carry lots of books with me and I was way more organized.

I only have the Nook right now but will get an android smart phone soon. Though you can hack the Nook Color, I am unable to download apps provided by the LDS church. There is an LDS Nook App but it is 15 dollars. The apps for mobile phones are free and some provide scriptures that you can highlight and take notes in or there are others that provide the ward directory. On the Ward Directory app, the addresses link to your GPS helping home teachers and the priesthood find members in need more quickly. Here is the website.

It has helped me at home as well. No one has the excuse of not having the scriptures anymore. We all read together and if the kids have trouble reading I can zoom in to make the words bigger for beginner readers. The Friend is once touch away to help with Family Home Evenings. 

It was convenient to carry the one tablet for all of my church needs but I still don't see electronic devices completely replacing paper. You can types notes and make highlights in the tablet format of the scriptures, but I still like to write in my scriptures. Sometimes I love the feel of a book. I guess it is similar to how people miss vinyl records. There is just something warm and loving about it that an electronic device cannot provide.

Since I am still so 2008 and do not have a Smart Phone I would like to know how well the LDS apps work and if you use them. Also, do you find yourself using devices like smart phones, tablets, and ebook readers more and more at church and has it helped or hindered you?

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  1. I use the LDSapps and I love them. They are great. I love my paper scriptures too but being able to pull them up on my phone in a pinch is awesome!