Thursday, August 11, 2011


Is this a scene from Hoarders? Do I need Matt Paxton and Dr. Chabaud to give me a lecture?

Actually, no this photograph shows bags full of my children's school supplies. I finally finished my school shopping today. I finished it at Walmart where I found the best prices for wet wipes and Zip Loc bags. Did I buy the name brand? Heck, no! I bought the Great Value brand in everything. I think that is a trick schools use. They use a brand name for an object like Kleenex instead of tissues or Zip Loc instead of double zipper storage bags. I have also seen Crayola used as well. Some parents especially noobies think you have to get the exact name brand.

A father with his three kids were searching in a confused manner for the correct Zip Loc bags. "why do they make you get the name brand?" the father asked. I helped him by telling him that he didn't HAVE to get the name brand and that the generic was just as good.

Six things of wet wipes! Aron needed six!! Good thing the Equate brand was only $1.64 each. I find the cheaper wipes in the Health and Beauty section rather than the Baby section.

I feel like I have accomplished something magnificent!! I am like a CEO who made a successful merger and won a gold medal to go along with it. However, there are still shoes and clothes to buy . . .



  1. Just feel lucky you're not a teacher in Utah. Students don't have to provide anything, so that means the teacher has to get everything. At the beginning of each school year I would walk out with carts of folders, notebooks, wipes, etc. Your bags are nothing!

  2. I suppose that's the price we pay to keep our bus service.

  3. That is terrible! Do they make the students pay a classroom fee?

  4. I was at Walmart buying a few school supplies and one guy was explaining to another guy that they don't have to buy the brand listed on the school supplies list. Made me think of your post :)