Friday, August 26, 2011

Virginian Disasters

Virginia was bored so she decided to shake things up a bit...right before a hurricane. Now we need a volcano to appear like that one in that book about the bored Mexican farmer they read on Reading Rainbow when I was a kid and a tsunami and I will have lived through every kind of disaster.
So the earthquake is done. Now it is Hurricane Irene's turn. The web had fun with the earthquake. This one is from Neal Boortz "USGS says earthquake moved DC 3" closer to Moscow. Obama sneers at weak effort, vows to do better."  

This was my favorite picture-

Now Twitter is having fun with the hurricane. Right now in my area a hot topic is ghetto hurricane names. So far there aren't too many funny ones. I can't think of any. Maybe Curtis or Lavaneesha. I have nothing!

I am too far from the coast so I don't think I need to worry about evacuating. I am near the Occuquan river, but I am up high on a hill and our neighborhood did a great job with protecting us from flooding. I only worry about trees falling. Already we have had a few trees fall in my neighborhood from the storm today. 

Falling trees means that it is likely the power will go out. So far we have been lucky. The neighborhood is great about cutting dead trees. But just in case I better get some batteries for the radio and some flashlights. . .along with everyone else in town!

I am a procrastinator, what can I say?

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