Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Virginia Earthquake Damage

Stupid video, but I know I appreciated it when people in earthquakes posted videos about their experiences. So here is mine. I was organizing my son's books in his bookcase. I felt a shaking but thought it was a plane. Then the shaking continued so I thought the kids might be blasting the stereo or a train was about to run into the house. . . . but we have no trains nearby and then I realized THIS IS AN EARTHQUAKE IN FREAKIN VIRGINIA!! What am I supposed to do? I have never been in an earthquake before. I at first went under a doorway but then thought, MY KIDS DUMMY GET THE KIDS! I ran down the stairs as they shook under my feet. Jon Jon was outside and Victoria was telling him to come back inside and go to the basement. I was grabbing Eli and yelled "that's a tornado, run outside!" All the kids ran outside and Eli and I were close behind. Then the shaking stopped. A neighbor came outside and yelled "What was that?" I yelled back (she was across the street)Then all of the neighbors came outside and we made sure everyone was okay. After calming everyone down I surveyed the house for damage and this video shows my results. Only a family picture fell and doors were opened but that was all. My phones were down at first but now they are fine.


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