Saturday, August 27, 2011

Perfect Virginian Disaster TV Marathons

As you know, we are in the middle of a Virginia disaster marathon. Since we are stuck in the house as the dark rainy clouds surround us, the howling wind and bending trees keeping us huddled together, it is a perfect day for TV marathons. Since a dark mood is already set, it is a day for the weird and the scary shows. Here are my top recommendations that my family look forward to.

SUPERNATURAL- This is a perfect show if you don't have small children, or the kids are busy in another room. The story of the monster hunters, Sam and Dean, the dark scary weather is a perfect backdrop to the dark and mysterious stories of demons, fallen angels, and vampires. Verizon On Demand has Supernatural on TNT. I recorded the last season on my DVR. The last season has Sam and Dean against the mother of all evil- a demon like creature named Eve. Along with Sam and Dean are their father figure redneck hunter Bobby and the angel Castiel. Castiel is acting funny this season and the demon Crowley is causing trouble again.

DOCTOR WHO- The new Doctor Who episode "Let's Kill Hitler" is coming on tonight on BBC America. BBC America has a few special episodes reviewing the past season, the best of the Doctor, the best of the monsters, and a season update. I have them all on my DVR but I think On Demand also carries them. With its apocalyptical stories, Doctor Who is perfect to watch during a disaster. We watched "Waters of Mars", an episode that featured an evil virus that attacked people through the water. At the same time the water burst through the ceiling to attack the people is the Martian station, our water pipes from the ceiling above burst above us, making us all scream! It was the perfect 4D experience!

If you do not want scary horror but funny horror the show "Reaper" is perfect. It is on Netflix Instant Stream. All of the Star Treks except Deep Space Nine are also on Netflix. In my opinion horror and sci-fi are perfect to watch during a disaster and make great distractions. Do you know of any other great shows? Didn't the short lived show "Invasion" have the invasion occur during a hurricane? By the way I would never suggest romance and touchy feely shows because I cannot stand them, but that is my opinion.

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