Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Twitter or Facebook and A Complaint

I love Facebook! I have used it since 2006. It was fun to find old high school and college friends. Facebook kept me connected to my phone shy brothers and connected me with cousins I haven't seen in years. I love to write to express myself and share information. Facebook was useful for that purpose but my constant status updates were annoying. I now use Facebook to keep up with family and Twitter as more of a creative, public tool. It is sort of a microblog for myself. I follow funny and orginal tweeters. I also like getting DC traffic and weather updates. My favorite tweeters are Neal Boortz, Nicholas Pegg, Steven Moffat, Michelle Malkin, Jim Beaver and Tammy Bruce. Capital Weather is also good. Twitter is the best to use when there is breaking news. I got more information about things like the political debates and the earthquake from Twitter than from any other news source. Of course Twitter linked to news sources but I got them quickly. (another great place is, I got the best tornado coverage from fark.

 A lot of women complain about the news and brag about not keeping up with it. I view the easy access to news as a blessing. I am sure women back in the pioneer days wished they could keep up with the news. An old fantasy was about having a magic mirror on which you could see all of the kingdoms of the world. We know have those "mirrors" but so many take it for granted.

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