Monday, August 29, 2011

What I Learned from Our Virginian Disasters

We survived the earthquake and the hurricane, which was a tropical storm here. The wind was scary and my lights flickered but as is well. I look at these close call disasters as a blessing because they are like practice rounds for when a truly catastrophic disaster hits. I now have my 72 hour kits complete and know what to do and when I would need the kit. I understand why it is necessary to have cash and a full tank of gas. I also know that a hot item during disasters are "D" cell batteries so I need to stock up on them during a beautiful day. I also need a nice lamp and maybe some sleeping bags.

We know that the flooding is more of a concern than an actual hurricane and that, yes, an earthquake is possible in Virginia. I also know that after the earthquake my neighbors acted like real neighbors. We came out of our houses and checked on each other. We even talked to the cleaning ladies and the nannies to make sure they were ok. That was comforting for me to know and I learned which neighbors I could count on and which I couldn't.

So, I learned a lot of things, especially that a natural disaster does not mean that time stops and that it is possible for other things to happen by coincidence. Our faucet in the kitchen someone burst and water poured all into the kitchen floor causing a crack in the basement ceiling. We discovered a lot of water damage. Unfortunately, the insurance adjusters are busy because of the disasters so that we will have to  wait until next week for someone to come inspect the damage.

Since it wasn't earthquake damage, we might get the damage covered in our insurance. Our insurance covers volcanic eruptions, missile attacks, rioting, and airplane crashes but not earthquakes. It is good to know that. If our disasters didn't happen we would not have known that. We do know that our house can withstand a 5.8 earthquake at least.

So the "disasters" were not a waste of time and the hype was needed. Now people are more prepared and more aware and will be ready if a real huge disaster hits. Or else people will just ignore the warnings next time!! (I predict the next scary thing to hit our area will be a riot--- at least I have insurance coverage for that!)

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  1. So glad that your family was safe during those times. We are in GA, and not on the coast, but after reading your post I realize that it really can't hurt to be prepared for a natural disaster (we have, fortunately, escaped any real damage from tornadoes, storms, flooding, ice, etc). On my way to google "72 hour kit" and to try and convince my boys that it's good to be prepared for something other than a zombie apocalypse. :)

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting my blog! (fellow Whovian from Blog Frog)