Thursday, September 1, 2011

Perfect Movies for an Eighties Party

My daughter asked me about having an eighties party. She was watching the show "Outrageous Kid's Parties" where they were having an Eighties party. The people on the show spent $30,000 on that party. My daughter even thinks that is stupid.

So she wants to throw a simple eighties themed get together. Luckily for her, her Mamma knows all about eighties cheese! I wouldn't mind having an eighties movie night myself. (man we are so . . .WHITE!)  A simple party would have to have a cheesy eighties movie with like, pizza and coke. Every party in the eighties had Coke and Pizza, at least where I was from! Here are my picks for the perfect eighties movie- remember I was only 13 at the end of the 80's so my movie choices may be for younger viewers- what are yours?

5. TEEN WITCH- complete with a rad rap battle and totally awesome music like "I wanna be the most popular girl!" I wanted to dress like Teen Witch  so bad! (after she got her popular girl powers)

4. MANNEQUIN- The best dance montage EVAR!! My brothers and I used to dance along. We watched Mannequin on the VCR on a regular basis.

3. FRIGHT NIGHT- My mom had no idea I watched this. I was about 9 and I was hanging out with my older cousin. (it's sad that she passed away recently) She hid my eyes during the scary parts. I watched the movie again recently and it wasn't scary at all.

2. THE WORST WITCH- A movie about a school for witches long before Harry Potter was even thought of.  Tim Curry makes it worth watching it.

1. GOONIES!!! HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

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