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Halloween Sneaked a Snuck on Me

I was checking out my Facebook, which I do so rarely (totally hipster thing to say right now), and I noticed all of these Halloween pictures. Driving down the street I noticed a lot of Halloween decorations. What is this? October 28th already? What the . . . I forgot to decorate for Halloween! I didn't even carve a pumpkin or anything which is funny because Halloween is my favorite night of the year! The shock was so great that I just HAD to post about it on Facebook! If I don't post things on my mind I will explode! I wrote: "Halloween kind of snuck  . .. " and there it was a red squiggly line under the word snuck. (there it is again as I type!) When did "snuck" become ungrammatical?

Before you grammar Nazis come after me, I studied grammar at advanced levels while I was in college. For some reason the simple past tense of "sneak" never came up. (<-----preposition at the end of a sentence for  Mr. Swift! <----fragment!) I always told storie…

4 Months Old Check Up

He had too much fun with the paper while we waited over an hour! He is 15 pounds and can roll around.

My Precious Hates Shopping

Eli hates shopping. The only way he will shop is if he is being carried. He likes to see everything and wants to know the source of noises. Since he had to lie down in the stroller he hates it and cries.On Saturday I carried Eli in his carrier face forward while shopping at Kohl's. I was wearing boots with a heel so after that trip I hurt my back. So he is back in his stroller and he is not happy about it.What I noticed is that when my 4 month old cries people try to help. Workers help you carry out your stuff and open doors for you. Old ladies line up to tell you how precious your baby is and give advice. I compare that to when my four year old would scream and throw a fit in the store. I get the death stare of "look at the bad mom" from the old ladies who run far away. People avoid my line and workers roll their eyes at me. No one comes to help. People just judge. Pro tip- A mother needs more help and support with the toddler ( or even a bratty teenager) than they do w…

Family Movie Night

We have decided to have a family movie night. Last night we watched Thor. We had popcorn and turned out the lights.Thor was the perfect movie to watch with the kids. I was surprised on how kid friendly it was. There was tons of action and cool effects. There was only one kiss and it was more comedic than romantic. The bifrost looked awesome and not cheesy. We didn't get bored but Aron fell asleep because it was after 9:30. We plan to do our movie night earlier next week.

This Tastes Nasty! Natural or Psychological?

I read an article somewhere about people genetically having certain food aversions. For some cilantro tastes like soap. Others hate the taste of broccoli or asparagus. I wonder how many other aversions are due to genetics.

     There are different kinds of food aversions. There are psychological ones that are the result of illness, emotions, or chemotherapy. I got food poisoning from Taco Bell once and for three years found even the picture of Taco Bell food revolting. As a child I convinced myself that eggs were chicken periods and refused to eat them. I still think eggs taste too sulfur-like so I wonder if there is a natural component there as well. If you were eating a meal and something traumatic happened you might psychologically avoid that food. 

     Sometimes it's not mental but simply an aversion to a certain texture. I know this why many people dislike fish or feel weird eating raw vegetables. I don't like deviled eggs for this reason. My son has a lot of textu…

Eli 3 Months

Twitter had Changed the Way I Watch TV

I first discovered twitter was fun when I was watching the republican debates. I love reading the instant commentary. Next I discovered it was fun to watch doctor who lol tweaking. The best was watching general conference with twitter. Sharing the spiritual experience of general conference with people all over the world was uplifting. I loved the remarks about how sweet President Monson look as he talked and the commentary on how beautiful the music was. My favorite quote was how 80% of his talks are the wonderful facial ecpressions. One lady and I discussed how difficult it was to keep our kids quiet. I plan to always use twitter with conference in the future. Nothing is more hilarious than using Twitter with Young and the Restless. The real time comments on how 1 character is evil and another is fakey is so funny. If you want to tweet Young and the Restless you use #yr. The Young and the Restless is not a show to watch too seriously. Sometimes the star of a show will tweet along wit…