Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Precious Hates Shopping

Eli hates shopping. The only way he will shop is if he is being carried. He likes to see everything and wants to know the source of noises. Since he had to lie down in the stroller he hates it and cries.

On Saturday I carried Eli in his carrier face forward while shopping at Kohl's. I was wearing boots with a heel so after that trip I hurt my back. So he is back in his stroller and he is not happy about it.

What I noticed is that when my 4 month old cries people try to help. Workers help you carry out your stuff and open doors for you. Old ladies line up to tell you how precious your baby is and give advice. I compare that to when my four year old would scream and throw a fit in the store. I get the death stare of "look at the bad mom" from the old ladies who run far away. People avoid my line and workers roll their eyes at me. No one comes to help. People just judge.

Pro tip- A mother needs more help and support with the toddler ( or even a bratty teenager) than they do with a baby who can be carried. I think it's because babies are cuter when they cry. A four year old or a fourteen year old doing it isn't cute anymore.

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