Friday, October 7, 2011

This Tastes Nasty! Natural or Psychological?

     I read an article somewhere about people genetically having certain food aversions. For some cilantro tastes like soap. Others hate the taste of broccoli or asparagus. I wonder how many other aversions are due to genetics.
     There are different kinds of food aversions. There are psychological ones that are the result of illness, emotions, or chemotherapy. I got food poisoning from Taco Bell once and for three years found even the picture of Taco Bell food revolting. As a child I convinced myself that eggs were chicken periods and refused to eat them. I still think eggs taste too sulfur-like so I wonder if there is a natural component there as well. If you were eating a meal and something traumatic happened you might psychologically avoid that food. 
     Sometimes it's not mental but simply an aversion to a certain texture. I know this why many people dislike fish or feel weird eating raw vegetables. I don't like deviled eggs for this reason. My son has a lot of texture aversions.
      Then there are the genetic aversions. In a science class we did an experiment to see who could taste a certain bitter chemical. If you could taste it you were more likely to hate broccoli and other vegetables. I didn't taste it at all. As a child my dislike of broccoli was a textural thing. Most vegetables, even farmer's market (except tomatoes) ones have no flavor to me. I enjoy cooking with loads of veggies with a flavorful sauce. Cilantro is super delicious to me. I notice my picky eating son also eats broccoli  with no problem but curry tastes horrible to him. My mother can't stand cilantro.  I wonder if my son got the gene from her.
     My food dislikes are hard boiled eggs, certain types of seaweed, shark, tuna, and lamb. I literally gag on those foods and throw them up immediately. Those are probably textural though tuna tastes like metallic poison to me. Lamb smells like BO to me and lamb soup one made me very ill. A weird one is the dried cow blood they put in Asian soups (psychological). I also DESPISE sea salt and aspartame. I notice alcoholic drinks made me gag and throw up just trying to swallow it.  Greek yogurt also makes me gag so I guess I am stuck eating lower class redneck yogurt. (Greek yogurt is the classy thing to eat right now.) I am allergic to shellfish but LOVE the flavor of it! Shrimp put me in the hospital. It is so delicious though.

     What are your food aversions? Do you think they are psychological or genetic?

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  1. I've had cilantro that tastes like soap. It isn't all cilantro. Just some of it, but I am also a super-taster. I've always been able to taste things in food that others cannot.

    I used to hate cheesecake and a few other very rich foods when I was younger. I grew out of it as I got older though.

    One thing I have found is that migraines exacerbate my sense of taste. It is very cruel to turn up the sensitivity on the tongue of a super-taster. I tried eating a McDonald's hamburger like that once. NEVER again. Ever! Disgusting! Even the french fries were bad.

    I'm not even sure if I have any food aversions at this point. Mainly just things I'm not allowed to eat really. Ironically most of them were things that I would not have chosen to eat on my own anyway.