Monday, October 3, 2011

Twitter had Changed the Way I Watch TV

I first discovered twitter was fun when I was watching the republican debates. I love reading the instant commentary. Next I discovered it was fun to watch doctor who lol tweaking. The best was watching general conference with twitter. Sharing the spiritual experience of general conference with people all over the world was uplifting. I loved the remarks about how sweet President Monson look as he talked and the commentary on how beautiful the music was. My favorite quote was how 80% of his talks are the wonderful facial ecpressions. One lady and I discussed how difficult it was to keep our kids quiet. I plan to always use twitter with conference in the future.

Nothing is more hilarious than using Twitter with Young and the Restless. The real time comments on how 1 character is evil and another is fakey is so funny. If you want to tweet Young and the Restless you use #yr. The Young and the Restless is not a show to watch too seriously.

Sometimes the star of a show will tweet along with you and share background information about the episode. Recently the guy who plays Koothrapoli tweeted live with The Big Bang Theory and added depth to the episode.

If you want to tweet a show just type the title in search and tweet along. It is helpful to learn a shows hash tag. LDS General Conference is #ldsconf. I already listed #yr. Doctor Who's is #doctorwho. You just type the hashtag in search and follow the tweets. You can reply or retweet anyone. It is also a great way to add followers.

I think Twitter will replace message boards as a way to connect to others with similar interests.

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