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Dictionary App

I love finding new applications for my DROID X2 and my Nook Color which both run on Android. Right now I am searching for the best Siri like application. On Android the closest is the Jeannie by Pannous. It texts, gives directions, emails, and farts on demand. I also like educational apps. My favorite Dictionary App is I love that it gives you a word of the day in both English and Spanish and a question of the day. My words are pansophy and montar. Can you use those in a sentence?

I Guess I am a Redneck Mama

I am always looking for ideas on what to feed my picky children. If I had my way I would eat gourmet meals but grew tired of the chants of "ewww gross!". So I get a book on family meals and almost every one of the meals looks gross. I look online for healthy family meals and again everything looks disgusting. I guess I prefer redneck food.

So I am reading this book about healthy dinners for kids and the entire time feel sorry for the kids in these families. I also wonder if the moms really feed their kids McDonald's. Every recipe had organic veggies, ground turkey, turkey or vegetarian sausage. The vegetables were steamed plain. Everything was whole wheat this. Everything is just PLAIN and it looks like someone vomited on the plate. I am sorry but whole wheat noodles are gross. I CAN eat those things and even love tofu but my kids aren't going to eat it and I've tried and tried but they just don't make good family meals.

A good meal must savor ev…