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Thou Shalt Not Covet

In our Family Home Evenings we use a word of the week to teach a gospel principle. First was adversity, then citizenship, and this week we did the word "covet". So far "covet" has been the most popular topic.I started by telling the story of King Ahab coveting the vineyard of Naboth. I told it Horrible Histories style so they enjoyed the story. Then we talked about coveting. I realized that I was learning just as much as they were.I have been guilty of coveting. I was warned in my patriarchal blessing about getting caught up into fashion. I love fashion and can spend hours reading and shopping for the finest and most interesting clothing. Going to an area where women wear the latest fashions and I have on an outfit two years behind can ruin my day with my family. What a waste! Even my daughter fussed at me for wanting to buy a $100 shirt. (It was on sale!) I catch myself coveting the latest fashions I see on magazine covers. I want to see that $300 price tag hangin…

Weirdo Japan

I believe that dreams can have a map like they do in the movie Inception. Chase dreams take place at my University except that it is transported to Malaysia and I always have one scene in front of this shopping center I went to in Singapore. School dreams are always at my elementary school. Hell dreams are in Hawaii or in Queens, NY.Every once in a while I am in this place I call weirdo Japan. In weirdo Japan people are wacky and die to get attention, usually through karaoke and funky outfits. It may sound like real Japan but it's only the wacky elements taken up to eleven. Here I am usually in some kind of contest. My outfits get stranger and stranger and I walk in a never ending circle of karaoke bars and sushi bars and pachinko places.This is usually a great scene for a mystery. A weirdo will end up dead. Did another kill for attention for attention is all that matters here? Usually a boyfriend from the past will appear in the crowd also showing off. It is as if in order to lea…

The Force is Strong with This One

Tired Momma and the Yellow Wallpaper

I haven't written in this blog for a while mainly because I am JUST SO FREAKIN TIRED!! I just started Paxil CR a month ago and one of the worst side effects is the tiredness. . . at least I am not having anymore panic attacks.

Another bad side effect is the lucid dreaming that comes with it. It is like I am sleeping but not sleeping like the drugs open a door to another dimension that I am fully awake to. (but they are still dreams of course) Scary people jump out of corners and the dead come for conversations. Sometimes guest come without warning laughing at the mess in my house. I wake up exhausted from the dreams. I have an appointment to make real soon to my doctor. I am not usually that crazy. 

Another reason why I am tired is that Eli has decided that I am his human pacifier. It is sweet and bonding but also tiring. I am thinking about weaning a little early but he vomits solid foods and refuses to take a bottle. We have a six month check up coming up.

I don't want to g…