Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weirdo Japan

I believe that dreams can have a map like they do in the movie Inception. Chase dreams take place at my University except that it is transported to Malaysia and I always have one scene in front of this shopping center I went to in Singapore. School dreams are always at my elementary school. Hell dreams are in Hawaii or in Queens, NY.

Every once in a while I am in this place I call weirdo Japan. In weirdo Japan people are wacky and die to get attention, usually through karaoke and funky outfits. It may sound like real Japan but it's only the wacky elements taken up to eleven. Here I am usually in some kind of contest. My outfits get stranger and stranger and I walk in a never ending circle of karaoke bars and sushi bars and pachinko places.

This is usually a great scene for a mystery. A weirdo will end up dead. Did another kill for attention for attention is all that matters here? Usually a boyfriend from the past will appear in the crowd also showing off. It is as if in order to leave this strange world you have to win at something. That something is usually an unusual way to get attention. For me it is karaoke.

In last night's dream I was trying to leave but kept getting distracted. The restaurants were amazing, the toilets sang songs as you used them,  and my hair kept getting bigger and bigger. The crowd I was with had blue hair and one friend told me stories of couples meeting in karaoke rooms for some much needed privacy. (Happens in real life) I never got to sing because I was too worried that my hair wasn't big enough. That is the reality of hell in Weirdo Japan. The mirror in more important than life.

I write about Weirdo Japan because I think it would make a great setting for a story. I might as well use my vivid dreams for something good!

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