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Boys Gymnastics!!!

Viki's Concert

Taco Salad

The easiest family friendly meal is Taco Salad. My mother started the tradition of Taco Salad night, usually when she has guests over. She learned about it at a Stake Youth conference in Memphis and brought some home for us to eat. It was a hit with us kids until we got food poisoning from the meat the next day. We still eat it to this day, without the food poisoning of course!

Bulgogi 2/27

Kim Chi Chigae 2/27

I added extra firm tofu because I like it!

My Anti-inflammatory Meal 2/26

Winter Soup, Sweet Potato Soup, and Coconut Almond chicken. In the picture the food doesn't look great but each bite was packed with delicious flavor. The kids actually ate it. Aron was a huge fan of the soup.

My Valentine's Day