Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 Things Unique About Me

On my wall in high school I put up a portrait of Henry V of England because I loved the film version of Shakespeare's Henry the fifth.

I used to dye my hair with purple highlights because purple is my favorite color. Purple was the color once use exclusively by royalty. I used to dream that I was a princess. I recently found out that I am a direct descendant of kings and queens in Europe. I also use to have a weird crush on John Donne and Sir Thomas Wyatt. So I was surprised to find out that Sir Thomas Wyatt is my direct ancestor. I still think they are the sexiest men in history.

My husband is Uzbek and a Christian. I am a Mormon. My husband's family is Muslim. We don't drink alcohol, tea, coffee or eat pork.

My husband is the most conservative person I know.  He is the only Uzbek immigrant I know who loves Rush Limbaugh.

I cook Korean food better than American food and can eat with chopsticks like a native.

When I am stressed out I like to blast heavy metal music.

I like to visit cemeteries all over the world especially in London. I was in tears when I visited Westminster Abbey. I love history, genealogy, and necrology.

I hate baby shirts that have words on them.

I hate jogging. Because I have interstitial cystitis I can't jog anyway.

I have a fear of cornfields in hate the country. I love my parents country property though and I love their dogs.

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