Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Job!

As difficult as my day was at least I can laugh about it later. I cleaned poop, gum, and rotten banana out of my boys' closet but at least I wasn't cleaning up ashes.

The most chilling part of the book of Job was the scene after Job was struck with what many modern doctors think was elephantiasis. He sat alone on ashes scraping his giant sores with a piece of broken pottery. He had just lost his children, his servants, and his property in one day. After telling his wife that it was silly to curse God and die he sat on the ashes with 3 friends for 7 days without speaking a word except to cry out in suffering. The first words he said was that he wished he was never born.

I have suffered but never as much as Job. I never had to sit my diseased body on the ashes if my life. I still have my family and I don't wish that I was never born.  I watched "It's a Wonderful Life" too many times to wish for that. If sitting on ashes covered in boils Job could still praise God, I know I could do it too. This is life temporal. God gives us life eternal. Job understood that. He knew that after death he would see God. Cursing God to get out of temporal pain was not worth losing the opportunity to live with God eternally.

I remind myself that I can go to the temple and that soothing temporal pain in a sinful way is not worth missing out of the eternal blessings that come from the temple. I get tempted sometimes to want to drink some wine or smoke a cigarette. I might get temporal relief from those things. Going to the temple truly refreshes my soul. Wine can not do that. Wine does not remind me that I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father.

Job saw things eternally in the end and that is how he passed through his horrible test. That is what I need to do. I am raising children of God not pets. I need to guide them to where they need to go and remind them who they are.

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