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Booby Trapped Again

Hello, Josey here writing more about my life in this secret journal in case my body is found. My stepmother, Wilhelmina is trying to kill me because she wants to be the lady of the manor. She can't outright murder me so she is setting it up to look like an accident.

Right now I think she is setting me up to die in a hunting accident. She wants me to take her weakling cousin Randolf deer hunting. I am pretending to like Randolf so that maybe he will fall in love with me and save me. I have to be careful because Mercutio, Wilhelmina's page is watching my every move.

I just missed getting hit by lightning. I thought that mysterious that lightning came from no where. I fell into Randolf's arms.  He gently laid me down and rubbed his nosely nervously.

"Are you alright, Lady Josephine?"

Oh he smelled so horrible but I quickly put that out of my mind and began to cry for I felt that the universe was against me. Wilhelmina doesn't have power over the heavens unless s…

The Steed of the Blue Water

Albert and his twelve knight venture out to search for the lost Golden Dragon castle, his dowry and his path to winning Bianca as his wife. They were warned to stay away from big bodies of water and rose bushes as their were evil spirits hiding in them.

One knight named Roland became thirsty and from a woodsman heard that there was a lake of clear water just over a hill. Albert insisted that Roland stay with the group.

"You just want us to die of thirst? You only care about yourself and your bastard princess!"

Albert turned red faced. "Take that back! I should stab you right here for saying that!"

Matteo, Bianca's brother pushed Roland. Jan and Caspar grabbed Matteo.

Jan said, "Roland, we will go with you! The old man said there was water, he looked like a good Christian."

Al Baytoun rolled his eyes and clicked his tongue while Frederick, the old knight shrugged his shoulders.

"Fine!" yelled Albert, "we will camp here and rest while Rol…

Who Was the Mastermind?

Lady Josephine thinks she is so wonderful! It is so difficult to even call her sister! She is only four years older and acts like I am a baby. I am 12! Soon I will be brought out to court and the people of wisselworm will know that I, Charlotte Wilhelmina Louise of Wisselworm is the smartest, fairest of the land.

I was so happy when Mama brought her cousin Randolph to court. Randolf loves natural philosophy and especially is interested in alchemy and machines. I secretly went to his room and saw his experiments. I loved reading about Mathematics and philosophy though mother said it was not lady like. I had my own secret laboratory in my chamber that Mama didn't know about. My Nanny and my tutor Herr Gruber loved helping me with my experiments. One night I figured out how to make lightning. I will not tell you how for it is secret. Herr Gruber said that certain people in the village would hang me for witchcraft but Herr Gruber can be silly.

My witch of a sister is now flirting wit…

Born Lucky

I am Josie and I think my stepmother is trying to kill me. I am the new heiress of our little manor since Papa died. Stepmother is insanely jealous of my new fortune and mad that she never was able to have a son. She only has her little daughter Charlotte who cares more about collecting bugs than becoming a lady. the poor thing has the look of a bug and unfortunately is not male enough to get my title of Lady of Wisselworm.

I am writing this letter in case I disappear under mysterious circumstances or if someone finds my cold, pale body. I am Josephine Caroline Anna Maria de Wisselworm, the lady of the Dragon Mountain castle. I am the daughter or Lord Adabert de Wisselworm and his first wife Anna Maria de Teodisio an Italian Countess. I never knew her. She had golden hair and was tall with pale skin and the grayest eyes you'd ever seen. I know this because my Nanny told me all about her, and also a portrait of her hangs on my wall. She is related to the House of Savoy so if you f…

Free Write: Bianca and Giselda

This is a free write of what is exactly on my mind. It is not a novel or anything. I am just going to close my eyes, take a breath and see what adventure is hiding up there in my mind.

A small principality in the Alp mountains around 1248. A prince of a small principality just married again for the second time to an illegitimate cousin of Frederick, the Holy Roman Emperor. She set up her step son to marry an illegitimate daughter of the emperor named Bianca. She just arrived from Palermo and is under the protection of the Princess Giselda. The old prince and former crusader died and so now Giselda rules in her young step son's place. Little do people know that Giselda knows magic and keeps a mirror that she claims she got from Prester John. From the mirror she watches over her people and also her cousin, the emperor. 
Bianca does not want to marry Albert, the new prince. She misses her father's grand castle in Palermo. She never knew him well as she was the daughter of a Moor…

The Evil Side of the Sinus Cavity

Again my right sinus is flared up. It has been hurting since December. I went through 3 rounds of antibiotics and one round of steroids. It still feels like there is a burn in there. Maybe I need to irrigate my sinus again.

Chiropractic care did help some until association started mowing our neighborhood 's common areas again.So half of my face feels like it has an internal sunburn.

That has not kept me from my motherly duties. I pray more often and more sincerely and that has given me a spiritual boost to make it through the day. Faith is so powerful. I don't know how one functions without it.
Death has been on my mind a lot and the reminders don't go away. I had a scare last week. Death is one of those mysteries that we try to avoid but always seems to linger in the corner of our eye. Eventually we must confront it, though we really don't want to. It is the saddest lesson of all, one that even our Savior had to confront. He was also sad and felt forsaken, but in t…

Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

A Mother's Philosophy of What

I have become used to running errands with my children. Before my husband was deployed, my husband and I would take turns watching the children while the other ran the errands and took the children to their activities. When my husband left for Asia, I struggled to go anywhere with my children. Now I have learned to enjoy their company at least until one of them throws a tantrum.I am a housewife of a white collar executive who works for the federal government. The military is his part time job and his true passion. I do nothing all day and do not understand the struggle of the average American woman.I barely have time to fix my hair or even put on make up. I give myself manicures and barely have time to go to the gym. I sleep when I can which isn't often because my son has been sick. Last week he had a febrile seizure and his little face turned blue. I had never been so scared in my life. I barely slept after that for I had to check his breathing whenever it was too quiet.When I ge…

Overused Sci Fi Storyline- Rooskies in Murika

"Annie get off of that thing and help me make breakfast!"  "Yes, Ma'am!" 
I had been trying the past hour to get some sort of signal on my ham radio. I haven't heard from anyone outside of Lookout Mountain in months. I had no idea of what was going on in the world since the Death times that fractured our nation and blacked out our communication. Daddy had been fighting in Tennessee with the Sons of the South since last year. We get a letter or message every so often from places like Monteagle, Murfreesboro, and Nashville pushing the black shirts back north. 
I helped Mama fry our fresh eggs that my little sister, Jezemeah and baby brother Ezekial gathered that morning and churn the butter from the milk I got myself from our cow Minnie. Everyday we ate the same- bread, butter, eggs, and apples, fresh or dried depending on the season. In the winter we got to eat ham and bacon for breakfast. Mr. Ider helps us with smoking meat. he worked at one of those living…

Fairy Tale Trend in Movies

I love this trend of fairy tales that I see in media. Fairy tales are fun and entertaining. It is probably because our reality right now sucks so we need to be taken away into another world. I notice science fiction is loosing popularity at the time. Perhaps it is because of the current anti-science movement that is popular.

We live in a time of advanced communications and entertainment. In this overly entertaining world science and medicine have fallen out of favor. Mothers look for food and products that has been untouched by science and desire to bring back the primitive. We want to give birth at home not give our kids immunizations, breast feed, and made our baby food from scratch using vegetables from an organic garden. We want to cure ailments with herbs and other strange concoctions. We seek to go after a simpler easier time when the boogie man lived in the forest and an old wise woman can cure our diseases with an mixture of herbs in a modern pill form.

The middle ages filled …


My husband is obsessed with Crossfit and wants me to do it too. Apparently Crossfit is real popular in the military. Basically it gives deployed guys something to look forward to.
He wants me to do it too. He shares with me the website which gives the workout of the day. OK, I will check it out.
The workout of the day was 25 handstand pushups. My son who is a gymnast can't even do that. With a little more research I find out that you can do it with these straps that hold your feet. They have those at my gym now but I was at home so I put my feet on the wall and do 1/2 of a handstand pushup. Aron, my five year old, did 2.
Today the workout was a snatch. Sounded easy until I saw the Freakin video!!! It is like Olympic style weightlifting. There are videos of women snatching 150 pounds! I decided to snatch the air and at least learn the proper form. In SNATCHING THE AIR I pulled a neck muscle!
Dude, I am so out of shape! ! I did find a crossfit for kids. I am going to have Victor…