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Booby Trapped Again

Hello, Josey here writing more about my life in this secret journal in case my body is found. My stepmother, Wilhelmina is trying to kill me because she wants to be the lady of the manor. She can't outright murder me so she is setting it up to look like an accident.

Right now I think she is setting me up to die in a hunting accident. She wants me to take her weakling cousin Randolf deer hunting. I am pretending to like Randolf so that maybe he will fall in love with me and save me. I have to be careful because Mercutio, Wilhelmina's page is watching my every move.

I just missed getting hit by lightning. I thought that mysterious that lightning came from no where. I fell into Randolf's arms.  He gently laid me down and rubbed his nosely nervously.

"Are you alright, Lady Josephine?"

Oh he smelled so horrible but I quickly put that out of my mind and began to cry for I felt that the universe was against me. Wilhelmina doesn't have power over the heavens unless she really is a witch. Sometimes I think she is.

"Lady Josephine, please can I help you?"

"Oh, Randolf I am just happy you were here to rescue me!" I lied.

The next day after I finished my studies, as I walked out of my chamber a pail of hot water fell behind me. I saw the tutor Herr Gruber running away. That was Wilhelmina for sure and once again my luck saved me.

Now a commercial break...................................................................................................

I am sure all of these little princesses would love a musical purse jewelry box! I am sure the Lady Charlotte has one!


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