Friday, April 13, 2012


My husband is obsessed with Crossfit and wants me to do it too. Apparently Crossfit is real popular in the military. Basically it gives deployed guys something to look forward to.
He wants me to do it too. He shares with me the website which gives the workout of the day. OK, I will check it out.
The workout of the day was 25 handstand pushups. My son who is a gymnast can't even do that. With a little more research I find out that you can do it with these straps that hold your feet. They have those at my gym now but I was at home so I put my feet on the wall and do 1/2 of a handstand pushup. Aron, my five year old, did 2.
Today the workout was a snatch. Sounded easy until I saw the Freakin video!!! It is like Olympic style weightlifting. There are videos of women snatching 150 pounds! I decided to snatch the air and at least learn the proper form. In SNATCHING THE AIR I pulled a neck muscle!
Dude, I am so out of shape! ! I did find a crossfit for kids. I am going to have Victoria do it with me. I bet she'll do better than me! I'll be stuck in the crossfit puppy pack while she does muscle ups on the playground equipment! 

  I would love this bike!!

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