Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Evil Side of the Sinus Cavity

Again my right sinus is flared up. It has been hurting since December. I went through 3 rounds of antibiotics and one round of steroids. It still feels like there is a burn in there. Maybe I need to irrigate my sinus again.

Chiropractic care did help some until association started mowing our neighborhood 's common areas again.So half of my face feels like it has an internal sunburn.

That has not kept me from my motherly duties. I pray more often and more sincerely and that has given me a spiritual boost to make it through the day. Faith is so powerful. I don't know how one functions without it.
Death has been on my mind a lot and the reminders don't go away. I had a scare last week. Death is one of those mysteries that we try to avoid but always seems to linger in the corner of our eye. Eventually we must confront it, though we really don't want to. It is the saddest lesson of all, one that even our Savior had to confront. He was also sad and felt forsaken, but in the end he faced it, let it take him and finally he defeated it.
Without faith in the Atonement what else is there?

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