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Dealing with Family Tragedy in Genealogy

I have heard that sometimes digging into your family history can dig up some heartbreak. What happens when you do uncover tragedy? Should you share what you found out or keep it hidden to protect the family members still living? There are two camps of thought, those who believe that a genealogist has a duty to uncover the truth and those that believe in protecting the family name.

I haven't met a family yet that didn't have some kind of secret. Humans are not perfect and make mistakes. Sometimes tragic things happen that a person has no control over and they choose to let those tragedies to break them. Some have the patience of Job! No matter what they are still family. Uncovering tragedies brings those family members closer to you. People tend to put their ancestors on a pedestal so much that they are hard to relate to. Knowing that they sometimes slept around or committed sometimes unspeakable acts makes them more human. You can learn that your family has a problem with alco…

I Am a Yield Sign

Yeah, girls, it is my honesty time. I am now like one of those people in a reality show in those confession rooms ready to tell all!

I am embarrassed about this usually but I think I should share. I am a size 12 but my chest is about a size 16. Yeah, honey, I do not have a problem in the chest area! However, what most people don't think about is that a big chest does look fat, otherwise they are more than likely fake. I have big arms and shoulders to hold up my 36D's. Another problem with these things is that my back aches and cleavage shows in almost every shirt. I would have been a goddess in the 1950's but now I look like a cow!

I have an inverted triangle body type. I am wide on the top but have small hips and no butt. My legs and arms are skinny and bony. It is not the most attractive body type and most clothes were not made for me. When I lose weight I lose it in my butt first. I have a great body for swimming. As I have gained weight I look more like an apple or a …

Sitting on a Block of Rants

I am sitting on what's called a Writer's Block. It magically zaps all inspiration from my brain. I literally have no new ideas right now. I have rediscovered my favorite historical period, the 13th century. How could I forget that? Mongol Hordes in Eastern Europe, Frederick Hohenstaufen, Minnesangers, Parzival, Thomas Aquinas, etc! The time of Medieval Renaissance before the darkness of the 14th settled in.

I am reading the Mongiliad, a novel from several writers, most notably Neal Stephenson. It is an online novel, now published as a book. Well, at least Part One has. I have been playing around with a story about 12 knights on a quest, but I see that Neal Stephenson has beat me to it. I wish I could just hang around other novelists and historians and come up with an awesome story in my FAVORITE time period!

Crap, my geekiness shows again! I just can't be cool by the worldly standard. I didn't think that mattered much in adulthood, but some people can't let the hi…

Free Comic Book Day

Today was the first time we tried to go to Free Comic Book Day.  It was actually a lot of fun. Our nearest comic book store is Painted Visions. They were selling old comics for $1 each and had a raffle for a signed Stan Lee picture. The line was long but Aron loved every minute we were waiting. There were tons of collectors toys and comic books to look at. The workers were friendly and I heard had a lot of experience at conventions. We got five free comic books, some $1 comics and a couple of new ones. My kids are interested in the new Avengers vs. Xmen comics. We have the Wolverine vs The Beast issue.
We definitely want to go back to the store soon and plan to do Free Comic Book Day every year! It will only be more fun as the kids get older.