Friday, May 11, 2012

Sitting on a Block of Rants

I am sitting on what's called a Writer's Block. It magically zaps all inspiration from my brain. I literally have no new ideas right now. I have rediscovered my favorite historical period, the 13th century. How could I forget that? Mongol Hordes in Eastern Europe, Frederick Hohenstaufen, Minnesangers, Parzival, Thomas Aquinas, etc! The time of Medieval Renaissance before the darkness of the 14th settled in.

I am reading the Mongiliad, a novel from several writers, most notably Neal Stephenson. It is an online novel, now published as a book. Well, at least Part One has. I have been playing around with a story about 12 knights on a quest, but I see that Neal Stephenson has beat me to it. I wish I could just hang around other novelists and historians and come up with an awesome story in my FAVORITE time period!

Crap, my geekiness shows again! I just can't be cool by the worldly standard. I didn't think that mattered much in adulthood, but some people can't let the high school years go. They still judge people by their looks and their activities I don't think I am superior, obviously, I am embarrassed of myself. I honestly get depressed that I could never be "cool" or "popular". I am also depressed that I am writing about this as a 34 YEAR OLD!  WHAT. . .THE . . .HECK!

Now I can't get past a conversation without hearing about someone's work out routine. I have recently stopped going to church activities because I am JUST THAT SICK OF IT!! Notice I said activities and not church. I LOVE going to church and I love my ward and my friends. There are a lot of wonderful people in my church community and I love hearing their testimonies. Activities are a little bit different though.

Ok, I got it out of my system. I really don't dislike anyone. I just am upset that I feel like I can't tell you that I really don't feel sorry for you being a size 4 and I really don't care that chocolate is your enemy. It doesn't seem to affect your weight since you are a size 4!

Maybe that has been my stump in my creative flow. Maybe that is what is holding me back. Flat out pettiness! I don't care about your lack of boobs!!!

Ok, hopefully now I can  move on now that I have got this off my chest.

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