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Kale Smoothie w/ Banana

Another Joy the Baker recipe. It has spinach, kale, banana, peanut butter, honey and almond milk. I loved it! Aron did not.

The Dwarf House Rome, GA

The Dwarf House in Rome, GA is actually a Chick-fil-A. My kids like it because it is the only Chick-fil-A we know of where you can order fried okra and a cheeseburger. We usually stop by the Dwarf House when we visit my parents. The kids like to go into the little dwarf red door in the front of the restaurant. There isn't a playground so that is the only fun to have. The restaurant is divided into the restaurant section and the fast food section. We ate in the restaurant. I ordered the chicken strip meal with fried okra. I love fried okra and always order it when I can. The Chick-fil-A fried okra was a little bit too slimy. My kids ordered a chicken strip salad, a chicken nugget meal and a cheeseburger. The food totaled to about $24. Eating out with the kids is getting expensive. There were no complaints except that I don't think it was a good idea to take the kids to a restaurant. It would have been better to go to the fast food side. Aron kept burping real loud interupting t…

Peeta's Bakery Hickory, NC

Yes, I do mean that bakery! Of course after the destruction of District 12 this is all that is left of his family's bakery so we were not able to enjoy the Mellark's famous cakes.

This is what it looked like in better days:

We also stopped by Katniss's old home. It has long been deserted. Hopefully she will be able to return and rebuild! (or at least comeback when they film the second movie!)

What-A-Burger Mooresville, NC

After staying the night in Greensboro, the four kids and I took a couple of detours before heading on to Alabama. I decided to stop by my Meemaw's hometown, Mooresville, NC. It was not too far from Statesville and well worth the trip. I felt as if I was really stopping by to see family and in a weird way I was.

We first went to the Willow Valley Cemetery next to First Baptist Church in Downtown Mooresville, NC. That is where my Meemaw's grandparents were buried. Her grandfather was a Civil War veteren named William Pickney Deaton. The cemetery is right next to the railroad where her daddy, William Fowler made his living for his entire life. His railroad career eventually took him to Atlanta where my Meemaw went to high school, had my Granddaddy Lee and divorced her first husband, also a railroad man.

We had a nice walk around the cemetery but unfortunately couldn't find Meemaw's granddaddy. Right before driving to the cemetery I saw What-A-Burger and was shocked beca…

Road Trip Day One: Petersburg, VA

We just had our first road trip of the year! From Northern Virginia to Northeastern Alabama. I decided to switch things up and go down Interstate 95 through North Carolina instead of the regular Interstate 81. I haven't been to North Carolina in many years and wanted to see something else. I went traveled alone with four kids aged 10, 8, 5, and 1.

What we packed : I packed some fruit because I want the kids to get some nutrition outside of meat and potatoes. I packed some Clementines I bought cheap at H Mart in Centreville and some apples. I also had mini pita bread from Trader Joe's and a bag of individually wrapped chips from Frito Lay. We also had two crates of water bottles. I could have packed better but I usually don't for trips to my parents' house. 

Our first stop was in Petersburg, VA. We didn't see much because I was simply unprepared. We needed a bathroom break, Aron was feeling a little carsick, and Eli needed to nurse. There was a Subway that had avoc…

Wendy's Chili Cheese Fries

I took a break from Wendy's when they changed their french fry recipe. I loved the old Wendy's fries. I loved the slimy fries that were salted just right. I didn't like the new ones and wasn't happy with the new turn that Wendy's was making into trying to be healthy. I know I sound real fat right now!

Not long ago I decided to try Wendy's again. I saw that they had the option to have chili cheese fries. I was excited about that because I liked to dip my fries into Wendy's chili anyways. The cheese on top just makes it perfect! Lucky for me the kids do not like them so I don't need to share.

Wendy's chili cheese fries are a nice treat for a mom after a long hard day. It brings the new healthy fries back to their soft slimy goodness with the best chili flavor poured over it. They are offered as an alternative upgrade side for only 99 cents. The other alternative sides are a baked sweet potato and macaroni and cheese. I haven't tried those yet but …

Quick Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake

I found the book, Joy the Baker at my library and it has changed my life! I never was into baking and I am not a fan of cakes. This cookbook has changed my life. The book is filled with quick and easy recipes that are delicious! When I found out the book is based on a blog I was excited!

I read about the Texas Sheet cake and decided to give it a try. Miss Joy the Baker said it was always a hit at birthday parties so I wanted to see if the cake would be a hit at my party. Miss Joy the Baker hasn't let me down yet! I threw an impromptu party for Eli's first birthday. I invited a couple of friends to eat some cake an ice cream.

After taking the kids to gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics, Target, and two different parties you might think that I was insane to try to make a cake from scratch and then invite friends over. Somehow I pulled it off mainly because the cake was so easy to make. I was able to get it done in 20 minutes. Even the frosting was easy! I had enough time to help my d…

Burger King Summer Barbecue Menu

I was raised in Memphis where I was taught to take my barbecue seriously. I was taught that Memphis has the best barbecue in the world and still hold on to that belief. I don't like that Carolina stuff and don't think Texas barbecue is even barbecue. There is no changing my mind for the love of Memphis barbecue has been bred into my soul. Growing up I never said "pulled pork". I called a pulled pork sandwich a barbecue sandwich with its rich smokey tomato based sauce. So when I saw that Burger King had a Memphis Barbecue sandwich as part of its summer barbecue menu I had to try their version of the Memphis Barbecue pulled pork sandwich.

I had no idea Burger King had a new summer menu that includes sandwiches cooked in Texas, Carolina, and Memphis styles along with a bacon ice cream sundae. The menu is supposed to be summer barbecue themed with sweet potato fries and iced lemonades. I never heard of a bacon ice cream sundae before. I was taking the kids to the movie t…