Sunday, June 17, 2012

Burger King Summer Barbecue Menu

I was raised in Memphis where I was taught to take my barbecue seriously. I was taught that Memphis has the best barbecue in the world and still hold on to that belief. I don't like that Carolina stuff and don't think Texas barbecue is even barbecue. There is no changing my mind for the love of Memphis barbecue has been bred into my soul. Growing up I never said "pulled pork". I called a pulled pork sandwich a barbecue sandwich with its rich smokey tomato based sauce. So when I saw that Burger King had a Memphis Barbecue sandwich as part of its summer barbecue menu I had to try their version of the Memphis Barbecue pulled pork sandwich.

I had no idea Burger King had a new summer menu that includes sandwiches cooked in Texas, Carolina, and Memphis styles along with a bacon ice cream sundae. The menu is supposed to be summer barbecue themed with sweet potato fries and iced lemonades. I never heard of a bacon ice cream sundae before. I was taking the kids to the movie theater to celebrate the last day of school. We were meeting the neighbors at the movie theater. I was going to drop off the kids because my youngest is too young to sit through a movie. They were going to see Madagascar 3, a movie I honestly don't want to see. I didn't have time to make lunch at home so I decided to stop by Burger King which is right in front of the movie theater. 

I was hungry and shaky because I didn't eat enough. I met a friend earlier at Ikea where I had their breakfast. I shared most of it with my 1 year old who loves potatoes. Then my friend and I walked around Ikea. I didn't buy anything else. I rushed home to get the kids from the bus and then got them ready to go to the movie theater. I was rushed because my 8 year old decided to play Mortal Kombat vs. DC so it was a fight to get him ready.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the barbecue menu as I drove to the menu of the drive thru but because I felt so shaky decided to not get the Memphis Barbecue sandwich. I got the Carolina BBQ Whopper  instead and got 20 nuggets for my kids. Because we had to wait so long for the nuggets, we got a free large fry to go with the 20 nuggets that you can get for $4.99.

The Carolina BBQ Whopper has bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, red onion,with tomatoes and sauce. I ordered the sandwich without the tomato. The sauce is called "sweet southern sauce" and has a little Carolina style barbecue sauce in it. Carolina barbecue is known for its tangy vinegar style sauce. It is not my favorite kind of sauce. On the sandwich it was delicious. The sandwich was more sweet and than tangy and the red onions and pepper jack cheese was a perfect mix with the sauce. I didn't even notice the bacon. I definitely give this sandwich two thumbs up for taste but I probably won't order it again for it is 760 calories and more fattening than the regular Whopper. If I do order it I will not order fries with it.

After posting about the Memphis barbecue sandwich on Facebook and seeing the reaction from my Memphian friends I decided to go back today and try the Memphis BBQ sandwich. It has pulled pork and a hickory-smoked flavor sweet sauce and onions on an artisan style bun. I was in a rush because I forgot that my 8 year old gets out of gymnastics at 3 instead of 3:30 so I didn't really have time to savor it. My favorite part of the sandwich was the bun. The sauce and onions were great but the pulled pork was dry. Barbecue should melt in your mouth. It was messy so it is not recommended to eat while driving. The pork sandwich was 420 calories and 0 transfats.

My 5 year old ordered the strawberry lemonade. I took a sip and it was delicious. We love sour food in our family and that lemonade was definitely sour. I still prefer Chick-fil-A lemonade.

So far I like the Burger King Barbecue menu and think it is a nice treat but not something to eat on a regular basis. It would be perfect for those summer road trips and an introduction to southern barbecue. Hardcore barbecue fanatics will not like it except to eat it out of curiosity. Will I try the bacon sundae? I am not a fan of bacon and am lactose intolerant so that will be a "no".

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