Friday, June 22, 2012

The Dwarf House Rome, GA

The Dwarf House in Rome, GA is actually a Chick-fil-A. My kids like it because it is the only Chick-fil-A we know of where you can order fried okra and a cheeseburger. We usually stop by the Dwarf House when we visit my parents.

The kids like to go into the little dwarf red door in the front of the restaurant. There isn't a playground so that is the only fun to have. The restaurant is divided into the restaurant section and the fast food section. We ate in the restaurant. I ordered the chicken strip meal with fried okra. I love fried okra and always order it when I can. The Chick-fil-A fried okra was a little bit too slimy. My kids ordered a chicken strip salad, a chicken nugget meal and a cheeseburger. The food totaled to about $24. Eating out with the kids is getting expensive.

There were no complaints except that I don't think it was a good idea to take the kids to a restaurant. It would have been better to go to the fast food side. Aron kept burping real loud interupting the elderly customers as they were eating their delicious looking vegetable platters which is what I should have ordered.

I was just too tired for patience after my long drive to Alabama.

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