Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wendy's Chili Cheese Fries

I took a break from Wendy's when they changed their french fry recipe. I loved the old Wendy's fries. I loved the slimy fries that were salted just right. I didn't like the new ones and wasn't happy with the new turn that Wendy's was making into trying to be healthy. I know I sound real fat right now!

Not long ago I decided to try Wendy's again. I saw that they had the option to have chili cheese fries. I was excited about that because I liked to dip my fries into Wendy's chili anyways. The cheese on top just makes it perfect! Lucky for me the kids do not like them so I don't need to share.

Wendy's chili cheese fries are a nice treat for a mom after a long hard day. It brings the new healthy fries back to their soft slimy goodness with the best chili flavor poured over it. They are offered as an alternative upgrade side for only 99 cents. The other alternative sides are a baked sweet potato and macaroni and cheese. I haven't tried those yet but I think my 8 year old would love the macaroni and cheese and my 1 year old would love the sweet potato.

 I wish that Chick-fil-A would have their Waffle Potato Fries with chili and cheese.

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