Tuesday, July 17, 2012


After dropping off Jonny at gymnastics I decided to take the other three children to Guapo's a Latin American Food restaurant. Guapo's is a chain restaurant in the DC-Maryland-Virginia aka the  DMV area.

The kids got balloons even though I didn't order the kid's meals. Viki had tacos and Aron had a quesadilla. I had their rotisserie like chicken which has a delicious seasoning. Everyone enjoyed their meals and the servings are so huge that I was able to take some home to eat for lunch tomorrow. I usually finish my meals but I am trying to have better eating habits.

My mother was just diagnosed to be pre-diabetic. I watched her make huge changes in her eating habits. In solidarity with her I decided to also change bad eating habits. I think I eat too much and eat to relieve stress or boredom. Now I am trying to eat to live not live to eat. I am also at risk to get diabetes so I need to make changes now. My sugar is low but it fluctuates rapidly throughout the day. Early afternoon seems to be my most difficult part of the day when my sugar crashes so then I start over eating to keep from passing out.

So I don't have diabetes but I am more aware of it so that I can help my mom. I can't help her if I also have bad habits. I don't want to be a hypocrite!

So I will still have to eat out but I will be on the lookout for healthy foods to eat on the run for myself and my children.

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